Armor Cloud

Secure and compliant IaaS

Outsource risk for mission-critical data and sensitive workloads with the Armor Cloud.

Why Armor Cloud

Turnkey, secure, and compliant infrastructure for mission-critical data and sensitive workloads.

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Outsource risk while improving performance

With built-in security & compliance controls, 24/7 threat detection, and response services included, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive data and workloads are being fully protected and managed by experts. The Armor Cloud ensures security isn’t negatively impacting performance and reliability.

Armor’s XDR+SOC service is the backbone to our cloud capability so if you leverage Armor Cloud you also have the same experience for your risk and security posture for the rest of your IT estate.

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Streamlined and audit-ready compliance

Armor Cloud controls map to compliance mandates such as HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and GDPR. Customers who host their data and workloads on the Armor Cloud benefit from reduced regulatory scope, simplified audit processes, and lowered management costs. Armor’s solution address controls across domains such as physical security, data backup, network security, access control, incident response, and many others—which means adhering and attesting to compliance mandates is made easy.

Armor's GRC team is available to be your compliance partner for your regulatory requirements.

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24/7 threat detection and response

The Armor Cloud provides comprehensive protection and security for servers, cloud workloads, networks, and infrastructure. In addition to features such as a hardened OS, default 30-day log retention, web application firewalls, files integrity monitoring, malware protection, network/host traffic monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. Our SOC team of cybersecurity experts is ingesting all relevant information from the Armor cloud to discover threats, provide incident response, and forensic investigation.

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Supporting global businesses and operations

Armor Cloud leverages secure data centers around the globe. With facilities in England, Germany, the United States (Dallas and Chicago), and Singapore, all our data centers adhere to the most stringent standards and compliance requirements including SSAE18 SOC 1-3, PCI, ISO27001, ISO14001, and ISO9001.

Customizable solutions to fit your specific needs.


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    Servers/Virtual Machines

    Benefit from a hardened operating systems, OS logging with default 30-day retention, and high availability at the hypervisor level.

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    Workload Protection

    Our Armor Anywhere agent for cloud Windows and Linux server workloads integrates a suite of critical security capabilities. This includes malware protection, file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection/protection, network/host traffic monitoring, and vulnerability scanning.

    Armor Anywhere is integrated within our XDR+SOC offering with dashboard visibility. The XDR+SOC solution also works with many EDR vendors and other tool sets you might already own.

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    Network protection

    Protect your environment from malicious network-based attacks with our Web Application Firewall (WAF) and prevent network connectivity from known bad actors using our built-in IP reputation management service.

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    Access & Admin Controls

    Control access to your environment via multi-factor authentication-backed SSL/VPN access and the Armor Management Portal.


  • Load Balancer

    Load Balancers

    Build and deploy horizontal scalability into your cloud with our flexible virtual load balancer options supporting up to 1 Gbps.

  • High Availability

    High Availability

    Armor's cloud hypervisors are all configured to be highly available to ensure your workloads stay online.

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    A selection of instance sizes allows you to design cost-effective infrastructure for any workload.

  • Hard Disk


    Choose from a variety of storage options with configurable IOPS and encryption-at-rest.

  • BC/DR

    Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (Optional)

    Ensure business continuity by enabling continuous data replication between two physical Armor locations.

  • Advanced Backup

    Advanced Backup

    Flexible backup solution with simple recovery options that are fully supported by our customer care team.

Simplify Adherence to Major Compliance Frameworks

The Armor private cloud helps organization streamline compliance by inheriting key security controls that align to regulatory major frameworks and requirements.

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Customer Testimonial

We are getting 24-hour surveillance for our servers and benefitting from the knowledge Armor has about attacker tactics.

Chris Hickingbottom VP of Engineering at OpenKey

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