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A leading cybersecurity company providing cloud and hybrid cloud security solutions to businesses globally.

Unique Approach

We position ourselves as liberators as Armor's mission is to free customers of the crippling constraints of conventional approaches, including proprietary frameworks, vendor lock-ins, and the many cybersecurity burdens organizations face.

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Protecting customers since 2009


Our Experience

Cybersecurity is in our DNA

Our cybersecurity experience runs deep, having protected thousands of customers in over 40 countries globally. Passionate and committed is how we're normally described.

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Experts with more than

35 certifications

Our Purpose

Make a meaningful difference in the cyber war

We know the cyber world is dangerous, and our ultimate reward is the fulfillment of knowing that society, people, family, and friends have been protected. That is why Armor puts us “Between You and the Threat.” For us to be successful - everyone at Armor must believe with all their heart that what we do is for the Greater Good, much bigger than Armor.

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Global customers in over

40 countries

Our Vision

Be the de facto standard that cloud-centric customers trust with their risk

We aspire to be the enduring trusted protector of our customer's risk. As needs evolve through technology advancements, threat actor tactics, or customer demands - we must also continue to evolve to be the best partner of choice. To do so, we must break norms as we iterate and reshape how we deliver outcomes.

The Armor Commitment

Our goal is to share how we operate as a business. Not processes and technologies but how we work as human beings. This is a commitment between Armor and our Heroes.

Over time we’ve realized that long-term Armor Heroes have created an ethos manifested by our beliefs and aspirations, combined with our unique ways of working. Rather than percolating over years of interactions – this commitment explains our desired ways of working up-front so our Heroes can feel at home with Armor as quickly as possible.

Armor Hero

We call ourselves Armor Heroes. This is done to show the seriousness of our devotion to our purpose and be a call to arms for our employees. Heroes don’t ask to be called Heroes. They earned the name because they jumped in without being asked and helped their fellow human.

Armor Heroes are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. They are a vigorously committed group devoted to protecting their customers and fellow Heroes. Soothsayers with vision and a point of view ensure the ability to defend customers from both current and future threats. Empathetic to customer challenges, they strive to deliver frictionless outcomes.

Our Heroes act with integrity, honesty, empathy, transparency, fairness, consistency, equity, and respect in all business activities.

Armor's Commitment to Our Heroes

Armor will provide an open and inclusive environment to express ideas, concerns, or questions. We want our Heroes to grow personally, professionally, and financially. Armor will offer opportunities to engage socially with your fellow Heroes and give back to the community. Armor will be consistent and fair in its decision-making and act with integrity to gain trust. Armor will have honest and transparent company communications and have radical candor with our interactions.

Core Values

Armor Core Values are values that the whole organization acknowledges and aspires to uphold. They are found in places like a website and company handbook, but most importantly, they live and breathe through their people, inside and outside the company. Core Values represent its employees and the basis on which decisions are made and how business is conducted.

Act Like an Owner

We empower our Heroes to Act Like Owners. Owners are fully invested in the vision of the business. Owners make decisions with the whole organization in mind and take personal responsibility for results and commitments. Owners put customers and employees first to achieve or exceed goals and requirements. Owners are entrepreneurial and generate buzz and excitement around the organization and culture. Owners eliminate roadblocks.

Act Like an Owner

Amplify Others

We want our Heroes to take ownership of their personal and professional development and give back to others. To lead, you must first know then you can inspire, mentor and coach. You should ask for and use feedback to improve performance. Embrace the value of continuous learning to achieve mastery in what you do. Seek and acquire new competencies, work methods, ideas, and information. See failure as an opportunity to learn from past results and continue to learn and grow.

Amplify Others

Bad News First

We know that shit happens. Things do not go as planned, but we act quickly and problem-solve to address issues. Our communication style is transparent, frequent, and collaborative, whether working with a customer challenge or informing our Heroes of changes. Armor is committed to providing a risk-free, safe environment for “bad news” communication. At the end of the day, how we handle the situation is what our Heroes and customers will remember.

Bad News First

Be a Good Human

Every Hero brings unique experiences and skill sets to the company. Armor values differences and believes that being anything but a Good Human darkens the journey. Be authentic, inclusive, humble, honest, trustworthy, and kind. Help us make a difference in the world - life is short, and we haven’t much time to make a positive impact.

Be a good human

Embrace Change

Technology evolves rapidly, so we must stay ahead and remain flexible to evolve with it. “Embracing Change” adds resilience to executing and moving forward through the change. The answers might not always be clear, but we will iterate through them and trust each other to find solutions. The only thing that won’t change is that there will always be change.

Embrace change

Take Risks

We encourage risk-taking as we believe it drives creativity and innovation. We want our Heroes to be creative, challenge the status quo, and never give up solving business problems and improving results together. Propose and implement new and simple ways of thinking about methods, processes, and technologies. Find ways to turn ideas into reality. Experiment with new concepts, methodologies, and procedures. Do not be afraid to fail, for Yoda once said, “the greatest teacher failure is.”

Take Risks

Risk-Based Approach

Strategize and Prioritize

We start with a strategic threat-based approach and expend the appropriate energy and resources against the biggest risks within your organization. Additionally, our managed SecOps solution ensures you understand your risk and compliance posture continuously.

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