About Us

Armor is a leading cybersecurity company providing cloud and hybrid cloud security solutions to businesses globally.

Unique Approach

Armor's mission is to free customers of the crippling constraints of conventional cyber security approaches, including proprietary frameworks, vendor lock-ins, and the many cybersecurity burdens organizations face.

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Protecting customers since 2009


Our Experience

Cybersecurity is in our DNA

Our cybersecurity experience runs deep, having protected thousands of customers in over 40 countries globally. Passionate and committed is how we're normally described.

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Experts with more than

35 certifications

Our Purpose

Make a meaningful difference in the cyber war

We know the cyber world is dangerous. Our ultimate reward is knowing that our clients have been protected. After all, our customers are not just faceless organizations: They are Fortune 500 companies, fast-growing start-ups, and everything in between.

Most importantly, they are world citizens, family, and friends. Armor stands “Between You and the Threat.”

For our organization to remain successful, everyone at Armor must believe with all their heart that what we do is for the Greater Good, and much bigger than Armor or any single customer. Consider us your soldiers, leaders, and heroes in the endless cyber war.

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Global customers in over

40 countries

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the de facto standard that cloud-centric customers trust with their risk

We aspire to be the enduring trusted protector of our customer's risk. As needs evolve through technology advancements, threat actor tactics, or customer demands - we must also continue to evolve to be the best partner of choice. To do so, we must break norms as we iterate and reshape how we deliver outcomes.

The Armor Commitment

We call ourselves Armor Heroes, demonstrating seriousness of our devotion to our purpose.

Armor Hero

Heroes don't ask to be deemed as such. They earn the name because they jumped in without being asked and helped their fellow human.

Armor Heroes are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. They are vigorously committed to protecting their customers and fellow Heroes. Empathetic to customer challenges, they strive to deliver frictionless outcomes and defend customers from current and future threats.

Our Heroes act with integrity, honesty, empathy, transparency, fairness, consistency, equity, and respect in all business activities. This is the commitment between Armor and our Heroes.

Armor's Commitment to Our Heroes

Armor will provide an open and inclusive environment to express ideas, concerns, or questions. We want our Heroes to grow personally, professionally, and financially.

Armor will offer opportunities to engage socially within the organization and give back to the community.

Armor will be consistent and fair in its decision-making and act with integrity to gain trust.

Armor will have honest and transparent company communications and have radical candor with our interactions.

Core Values

Our whole organization acknowledges and aspires to uphold Armor Core Values. We conduct our business and make every decision with these Core Values in mind.

Commitment to Growth

A growth mindset that encourages continuous learning and improvement with adaptability in the face of challenges.

Continue to Grow

Integrity Always

Sustain trust through transparency + honesty in all actions and interactions regardless of circumstances.

Be a good human

Empathy In Action

Active understanding, compassion and support to the needs of others through genuine connection.

Amplify Others

Immediate Impact

Taking initiative with swift and informed actions to deliver positive outcomes.

Take Risks


Dedication to delivering finished results with attention to quality and detail to achieve the desired outcomes.

Embrace change

Risk-Based Approach

Strategize and Prioritize

We start with a strategic threat-based approach and expend the appropriate energy and resources against the biggest risks within your organization. Additionally, our managed SecOps solution ensures you understand your risk and compliance posture continuously.

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