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Cloud compliance: two words guaranteed to raise the heart rate of any IT professional. Overcome this burden with compliance expertise and managed security from Armor. Our security-driven approach to compliance provides inherited security controls – streamlining attestation and alleviating compliance-related anxiety.

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Sep 222017

Getting Past the Noise: The Reality of the Equifax Breach

Flavio Andrade | Vice President, Product Marketing

With yet another data breach hitting the news, this time with Equifax, it seems like the public has become somewhat desensitized to the consequences of major events. It’s just money, right? Actually, it’s more than that: these criminal activities provide substantial monetary gains at the expense of human lives.

Flavio Andrade, Vice President, Product Marketing, Armor, takes a look at where the profits from data breaches go and how no one can be indifferent to these events.

Flavio Andrade Image

Flavio Andrade

Vice President, Product Marketing

As VP of Product Management at Armor, Flavio Andrade helps guide the evolution of our secure cloud infrastructure. He has been involved with technology throughout his entire career, beginning with his first role right out of college (an Internet Service Provider), which eventually became part of Earthlink. He’s been focused on software and technology since then, with stints at DuPont, Go Daddy and Experian. At GoDaddy, Flavio led the hosting product line to become the largest hosting company in the world (by number of active hosted web sites). As a gearhead, Flavio is known for using car analogies when discussing business. Flavio has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade de Brasilia and a masters in Systems Engineering from Arizona State University.

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