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Cybersecurity Challenges

Bridge the gap in digital transformation security.

Companies rely on Azure to drive digital transformations. Unfortunately, most companies lack the expertise to properly secure their Azure environments. When a data breach occurs, especially in a public cloud, your company will lose significant time and money.

Reports show a cloud breach costs an average of $4.35 million in lost revenue, not to mention eroded trust, lost productivity, and lost time.

Understand the biggest threats to your cloud and let Armor help you mitigate these risks and others.

Incorrect Configurations

Misconfigurations are identified as the primary risk for businesses using the cloud, with specific issues related to insecure data backups, transit, missing logs, and lack of monitoring.

Identity Management Mistakes

Identity and access management errors contribute significantly to cloud breaches, with 83% of organizations reporting that at least one of the cloud data breaches they've experienced were related to access.

Human Error

Account takeover attacks, involving human error, credential theft, or phishing, are responsible for 82% of all data breaches, emphasizing the role of the human element in cloud security vulnerabilities.

Cost of a Breach

The financial impact of data breaches is substantial, with an average cost of $4.35 million. Public cloud breaches are more expensive.

Cloud Adoption Framework

How Armor solutions correspond with Microsoft guidelines.

Cloud adoption is central to digital transformation, promoting growth and swift adaptability. Microsoft champions robust security within its Cloud Adoption Framework, addressing the complexities of cloud security to safeguard data and foster trust and compliance in Azure. This framework's security protocols are vital for harnessing cloud computing's advantages while countering cybersecurity risks.

Armor reinforces this framework by delivering a comprehensive suite of security services throughout the cloud journey. Our solutions dovetail with Microsoft's guidelines, integrating the configuration and deployment of Microsoft Defender Suite and Sentinel, along with integration of third party tools. Delivering the necessary expertise for a secure, compliant cloud experience, we can help your organization maximize Azure's potential securely, monitored by our 24/7 SOC.

The Armor Approach

Armor's expert and customized solutions.

Armor MDR

Threat Protection and Remediation in your Azure environment

  • Deployment and Configuration of Microsoft Defender Suite in Azure (XDR, Cloud, Server, CSPM, Identity)
  • Deployment of Microsoft Sentinel
  • Threat Protection and Threat Hunting
  • 24/7 SOC with expert support and guided remediation

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Armor VA/PT

Review, Test, and Scan to minimize your Attack Surface

  • Comprehensive Assessments of continuously changing environments
  • Penetration Testing to identify and close gaps
  • Continuous support against emergent threats

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Armor GRC

Resources to aid in navigating the complexity of security and compliance

  • Guide strategies for cloud adoption in line with compliance and security requirements
  • Ensure secure by design, default, and deployment adherence
  • Support audit success

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Deep Microsoft expertise and partnership

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  • Advanced Specializations – Threat Protection, Cloud Security
  • Microsoft certifications
  • Microsoft security solutions partner
  • Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member
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