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We partner with leading firms willing to entrust their network to Armor's cyber security and compliance services.

Why Refer to Armor?

Earn rewards for securing your network

In the Armor Referral Partnership Program, individuals or organizations can leverage their professional network and help colleagues enhance their cybersecurity posture while earning rewards for their efforts.

Referral Commissions

We offer a straightforward and attractive commission structure for partners who refer new clients that result in successful sales. This incentivizes partners to actively promote Armor's solutions.

Training and Enablement

Gain access to product and sales training programs, along with certification opportunities to enhance partner expertise.

Sales and Marketing Support

We provide co-branded marketing materials and sales resources to assist partners in effectively communicating the value of cybersecurity offerings.

Technical Support

You'll have technical assistance available to address complex product inquiries or issues.

Lead Sharing Programs

Benefit from our lead-sharing program based on geographic or market alignment.

Leverage Hyperscaler Funded Programs

Armor's partnership with Microsoft empowers you to better educate your customers and support their security journey, enabling new opportunities for growth.

How Armor's Referral Program Helps

Developing your own security capabilities is expensive.

Hiring the necessary security expertise in a hyper-competitive labor market is cost prohibitive. Training your existing staff delays time-to-market — allowing your competitors to land new business and build strong, lasting relationships.

Overcome Financial Barriers

Establishing a strong cybersecurity practice requires significant upfront investment. You'll need to invest in specialized security tools and services, as well as hire or train skilled cybersecurity professionals. This financial burden can be substantial, especially for smaller companies with limited resources.

Address The Cost of Cybersecurity Evolution

New threats and attack vectors emerge regularly. Staying ahead of these threats requires continuous investment in research, training, and acquiring the latest technologies. The costs associated with keeping up with these continuous changes of the threat landscape can be significant.

Get Help Navigating Cybersecurity Standards

Cybersecurity organizations must adhere to various compliance standards and regulations, and in some scenarios, must be certified. Complying with these standards requires investment in resources, tools, and processes. Failing these can lead to legal consequences, penalties, and reputational damage.

Armor Solutions

Armor has solutions for companies who want to understand, co-manage or outsource their risk.

Referral Benefits

  • Expanded service offerings
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced client trust and retention
  • Access to expertise and support
  • Market differentiation
  • Address and leverage industry trends/li>
  • Community support and networking opportunities

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Expand your network's potential with Armor. By becoming a referral partner, you not only offer your clients top-tier security solutions
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