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What is Dwell Time?

Simply, it’s the span of time from when a threat actor first enters an environment to the time they are defeated. The industry average is 146 days. With Armor, dwell time is less than one day and 100 times better than the industry norm. That’s effectiveness quantified via our secure hosting solutions.

Active Cyber Defense in Action

Threat actors are relentless. In fact, Armor blocks more than 250 million attacks each month. This is the result of battle-tested processes that are executed by the elite cloud security professionals who defend the secure cloud hosting solution.

Smart Decisions Fast

Every environment should be considered as contested space. It’s how effective you are at mitigation that matters. For every 65 million attacks against Armor, only one gets through our secure cloud defense. From there, our cloud security experts defeat each immediately. It’s efficient and effective.

Powerful for Payments

Retail and financial payments organizations must protect customer personal and financial data at all costs. It’s why the world’s top payment and financial service institutions trust Armor’s PCI compliant hosting solution to protect more than $200 billion in transactions each year.

Security is the Outcome

Why Armor? We deliver your organization true and measurable security outcomes. Armor’s proprietary, closed-loop secure cloud hosting approach unburdens your business by reducing the risk and complexity associated with managing cyber threats.

We exist so you can focus on what matters.

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Analyze, Automate & Mitigate

Designed in-house, Armor’s automation controls drive scalability to deliver real security outcomes. This process — analyze, automate and mitigate — empowers our cloud security professionals to defeat the threats that target your business. We’ve fine-tuned the balance between managed security, automation and proprietary process in the secure cloud.

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Close the Security Loop

Armor’s proprietary closed-loop system of intelligence, defense and control automates real-time updates and streamlines the effectiveness of our world-class security operations center (SOC) in defending our secure cloud.

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Compliance Will Follow

Armor’s security-first approach is built to deliver compliance as an outcome. Gain the compliant hosting your business needs while concurrently complying with robust industry regulations, including PCI and HIPAA.

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We wouldn’t pass screening by brand name companies unless we had a secure environment like Armor.

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The World's Most Secure Managed Cloud.

Our managed secure Virtual Private Cloud is the ideal cloud hosting solution for organizations that store, access or manage sensitive data that require the best in performance and security.

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Experience the best of cloud security’s talent, techniques and technology on any secure cloud, including public clouds, private clouds or your own IT environments.

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