When measuring success, our results speak loud. Malicious threat actors are kept at bay. In rare instances of an infection, hacker dwell time is limited to nearly zero, greatly reducing the opportunity for data leakage. We exist to eliminate the time, money and embarrassment that result from security breaches.

Those are the true outcomes Armor is proud to provide. Armor’s proprietary closed-loop system of intelligence, defense and control seeks to defeat attacks and reduce the risk and complexity associated with managing cyber threats.


Staying ahead
of the kill chain.

Big data threat platform

Ethical hacking

Quick reaction force

External IOC

Incident response

Armor’s world-class threat resistance unit (TRU) researches, aggregates and analyzes threat data from 50-plus global sources to identify active adversaries and their ever-changing techniques. These learnings are continuously turned into action for our defense layers.

Leading the industry, Armor’s TRU researches for early indicators of compromise inside and outside your environments.


Reducing dwell time to near zero.

Comprehensive security layers

Integrated intelligence

Full OSI security

Born secure

Armor’s defense strategy reduces attack surface areas to minuscule levels, driving hacker skill requirements to extremely high levels. For the rare cases an infection occurs, reducing dwell time to nearly zero is an absolute must. How long a threat actor remains undetected in your environment is a key measurement of the effectiveness of your total security strategy.

Armor helps organizations achieve threat actor dwell times that are 100 times shorter than industry average.


Maintain your security posture.

Clear mapping of controls

Configuration management

Minimize "drift" between audits

Easy auditability

Improving your security posture is only one component of realizing true cyber security. Over time — as users of your environment interact with it, influence it and alter it — formerly solid security postures can drift. As a result, ongoing monitoring and management is required.

Armor continually ensures security configurations are maintained against pre-defined controls.


Achieve PCI and HIPAA via HITRUST compliance easier with Armor.

Armor Cyber Warranty

Our security pledge is backed by our $100,000 cyber warranty.


Verified and validated. Across all industries.