Identify Advanced Threats In My Environment

Stand vigilant with a reslient barrier between your business and cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Navigating the Evolving Digital Battlefield

In the digital arena, where sophisticated threats are the norm, the ability to identify and respond to advanced alerts is not just a necessity—it's the core of a robust cybersecurity strategy. Organizations are seeking solutions that can pinpoint these advanced threats with precision, ensuring that their networks, endpoints, and cloud environments are safeguarded against the latest cyber-attacks.

Armor's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution stands vigilant, offering pre-emptive strikes against ransomware, tailored defenses that adapt to unique environments, cognitive ease to empower IT organizations, and rapid response times for critical incidents.

Your MDR solution must allow you to master alert detection and secure the digital frontier empowering you to:

Pre-emptively Strike Icon


Stop threats like ransomware in its tracks before your files are held hostage.

Create a Tailored Defense Icon

Create a Tailored Defense

Customized threat detection that understands and adapts to your unique environment.

Implement Cognitive Ease Icon

Implement Cognitive Ease

Empower your IT organization with decision support technology, reducing burnout and enhancing focus on critical threats.

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Rapidly Respond to Threats

Achieve peace of mind with a median alert-to-recommendation time of just 25 minutes for critical incidents.

MDR Highlights

What does Armor's MDR include?

Armor's MDR solution is a comprehensive defense strategy against the top cyber threats, including phishing, ransomware, cryptojacking, BEC (Business Email Compromise), and malicious apps. Our approach integrates advanced technologies and expert analysis to deliver a multi-layered security posture:

  • Managed Defender Armor's MDR employs sophisticated filtering technology to intercept and neutralize phishing attempts, ensuring your communications remain secure.
  • MDR With proactive detection and rapid response, our solution disrupts ransomware attacks before they can encrypt your data.
  • Incident Response & Remediation Continuous monitoring and anomaly detection systems are in place to detect and shut down cryptojacking activities, protecting your computational resources.
  • Managed Defender for XDR Enhanced verification processes are utilized to prevent BEC attacks, safeguarding your organization from email-based financial fraud.
  • Managed Defender for Cloud Apps & Endpoint Our stringent security protocols and endpoint defenses are designed to prevent harmful applications from compromising your systems.

Armor Solutions

Armor has solutions for companies who want to understand, co-manage or outsource their risk.

What Should The Right Solution Allow My Business to Achieve?

When abnormal activity is detected, we investigate and provide clear, actionable guidance on what happened and the steps you need to take—in plain English.

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Reduce Theft and Financial Loss

Our solution is designed to stop attacks before they can trick your users into wiring money or installing ransomware.

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Prevent Future Attacks

By spotting trends, such as who is targeted and what they click on, we help you drive change and strengthen your defenses.

Remediation Icon

Detect BEC Attacks in Time to Stop Them

Our advanced systems work swiftly to analyze logs and add context, enabling our analysts to get to answers in minutes.

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Stop Executive Impersonation

We tailor our detections to protect your most sensitive users and prevent targeted attacks from the outset.

Advanced Persistent Threats are a “persistent threat” — we can help.

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