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Delivering Security Excellence

Armor has a proven track record of delivering key security outcomes across different industries and market segments.

Critical Response, Fast

Armor's unique tool set, skill set, and mindset enable us to respond to security incidents fast — proven by our industry-leading dwell time and backed by our SLAs.

Effective Remediation

Our experts get to the root of cyber risks — solving them across both modern and legacy workloads in public cloud and on-premise environments, preventing the overhead of recurrence.


Armor's solution is adaptable to meet the varying needs of customers of different sizes and maturity levels. We service over 4000 customers across many different industries and market segments.

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Armor Solutions

Armor has solutions for companies who want to understand, co-manage or outsource their risk.

Case Study

Driving Growth with Customer Retention and Security Solutions.

Providing a comprehensive security solution gains customer trust and stickiness, not only for the managed security components, but also for the app, data, and infrastructure solutions that are integrated with it.


Our partner, a $3B leader in managed services, faced the challenge of distinguishing their offerings and enhancing customer loyalty in a saturated market. Their objective was to not only draw new clients but also to boost retention by delivering exceptional value and fostering enduring relationships.

Solution: Armor Integration

To address this, in 2018, they introduced Armor, an advanced security feature, to their service portfolio. This strategic move aimed to increase customer stickiness by offering superior protection and insights, thus providing a compelling reason for customers to stay.

Results: Elevated Customer Loyalty

Over the course of five years, the impact of integrating Armor was unmistakable:

  • Churn Reduction: Implementing Armor led to a dramatic decrease in churn rates, from 5.2% to just 0.3%.
  • Satisfaction Boost: The additional security and performance benefits from Armor resulted in greater customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Edge: The unique offering of Armor helped our partner stand out, securing new business and retaining existing customers.

Overall Partner
Churn Risk


Reduced Churn Percentage
With Armor


The inclusion of Armor has not only enriched our partner's service suite but has also cemented their status as an innovator in customer satisfaction and retention, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

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