Rapid Incident Remediation

Precision-controlled remediation goes beyond speed to provide granular control to project your organization.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Balance Speed with Control in Cybersecurity

In the intricate maze of cybersecurity threats, rapid and effective incident remediation is crucial. Yet, the thought of relinquishing control to automated processes can be frightening. Armor acknowledges this tension, offering a solution that marries the lightning-fast capabilities of automated remediation with the granular control and customization you desire.

Our integration with the Microsoft Defender Suite—spanning Defender for Endpoints, Identity, and Email—ensures that your rapid remediation efforts are both swift and sovereign, tailored precisely to your organization's needs and preferences.

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Empower with Precision

Seamlessly integrate Armor's MDR/XDR with Microsoft Defender Suite for a cybersecurity strategy that's rapid, yet under your complete control.

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24/7 Shield

Combine continuous, vigilant protection with the precision of Microsoft Defender's capabilities for an impenetrable defense against all cyber threats.

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Reclaim Time

Automate intelligently, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives while staying shielded against urgent threats.

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Customize Command

Tailor your defense with Armor and Microsoft Defender Suite, choosing exactly how incidents are remediated, ensuring perfect alignment with your security policies.

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We Understand Your Concerns

At Armor, we recognize that embracing automated remediation represents a significant shift for your organization. It's smart to be cautious of a new approach. We know that many security practitioners want to maintain internal control of remediation steps. That's why we've built our MDR solution to be as flexible as it is fast. You dictate the terms of our automated remediation, ensuring it aligns with your security policies and comfort level.

Why Speed and Control Matter

The rationale behind our approach is simple: the faster you remediate, the better the outcome. Speed and latency are critical factors in mitigating the impact of cyber threats. The integration of Armor's solutions built on top of the Microsoft Defender Suite exemplifies our commitment to delivering cybersecurity solutions that do not force a trade-off between speed and control. In today's digital landscape, the ability to rapidly remediate incidents while maintaining strategic oversight offers an essential advantage.

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Take the Reins of Rapid Remediation

Are you ready to redefine rapid remediation with a solution that respects your need for control?
Contact Armor today to discover how our integrated MDR Suite can transform your approach to cyber threats, offering you the ultimate blend of speed, precision, and control.

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