vCISO Advisory Services

Risk experience available on your terms, within your budget.

Why Armor vCISO

Access to qualified, experienced, and modern CISOs are in short supply, let Armor help.

Having an Armor vCISO on your side will decrease your cyber risk while aligning your board as an informed advocate. This alignment makes it easier to fund your programs allowing you to properly manage your organization's cybersecurity risk.

Armor's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service closes the gap between necessity and affordability. Our virtual CISOs provide the oversight and leadership to govern your cyber program as needed, doing away with the expense of a full-time executive position.

Executive-Level Expertise and GRC Insight

Elevate your cybersecurity and GRC strategies with executive oversight and seasoned expertise.

Strategic Risk Communication

Master the art of conveying complex cybersecurity risks to stakeholders clearly and effectively.

Adaptive Support for Every Challenge

Whether supplementing existing capabilities or spearheading security in specific areas, our vCISO adapts to your unique needs.

Commitment to Growth

Partner with us for long-term support that evolves with your organization and the cybersecurity industry.

You'll get a CISO with deep expertise in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), guiding you to regulatory compliance. You'll get a strategic CISO who helps develop and implement your long-term cybersecurity strategy. You'll get a CISO who is a master communicator skilled at relating your program's successes, challenges and objectives to your C-suite and your board, and enlisting their support. Speak to a Risk Consultant

vCISO Capabilities

Strategic oversight and expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Elevate your organization's cybersecurity strategy and meet the critical demand for executive-level oversight and governance with our vCISO service. Embrace the opportunity to secure your business with top-tier expertise, ensuring comprehensive risk management and stakeholder confidence, all while achieving significant cost savings compared to the investment in an in-house CISO.

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Strategic Cybersecurity Planning

Developing and implementing a cybersecurity strategy that meets your business goals and risk appetite.

Icon for GRC Alignment

GRC Alignment

Guiding you to align your compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

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Risk Management Frameworks

Establishing and maintaining a risk management framework that prioritizes and mitigates your cybersecurity risks.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Promoting a cyber-aware, cyber-positive culture throughout your organization.

Don't let the evolving landscape
of cybersecurity risks outpace your organization's defenses.

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