Armor MDR for Microsoft

Supercharge your Microsoft security solutions with Armor MDR.

Why Armor MDR for Microsoft

Armor expert security analysts and intelligent security analytics integrated within Microsoft's security solutions adapts and defends against the ever-evolving nature of attacks.

Microsoft's cloud-native approach and continuous investments in cybersecurity and AI research have fueled the development of its industry-leading cybersecurity solutions. Microsoft Defender XDR (Extended Detection and Response solution) and Microsoft Sentinel (Security Information and Event Management solution) provide integrated threat prevention, detection and response capabilities with extensive threat intelligence for comprehensive coverage across your enterprise's digital estate. Request a Demo Today

Effective Platform Management and Configurations

  • Continuous platform management and best practice recommendations Ensures optimal usage of the products and its rich feature sets
  • Automation workflows (SOAR) Enrich and bridge workflows across the digital and security ecosystem (within and between Microsoft and third-party vendors)
  • DevOps deployment approach Enables scalable and rapid security configuration management

Holistic Security Analytics and ML/AI-Powered Detections

  • Armor rule library and custom rule development Helps reduce noise, by creating meaningful Incidents and identify broader attack campaigns
  • Usage and tuning of ML/AI-powered detections Identify complex multi-stage attacks, tuned appropriately for the models to operate better
  • Threat hunting Proactively identify evasive and sophisticated threats

24x7 Armor SOC Expertise and Response Team

  • Global view of threats and deep security expertise The Armor SOC provides global coverage spanning across more than 40 countries and various industry verticals, enabling us to have a deep understanding of global threat trends and adversarial techniques.
  • Incident Response and forensics capabilities Ensure timely and appropriate containment and mitigation of threats to drastically limit the impact of the attack.

No MDR Vendor Lock-In

  • Ownership of your data and configurations All valuable historical data, tuning configurations, and artifacts like playbooks and automation assets developed over the course of our initial engagement term will remain yours to keep. An active subscription provides you access to Armor support and updates, but we do not withhold any of your data and configurations.

Ensuring advanced Microsoft security solutions are optimally tuned and monitored by security experts enhances security efficacy and delivers stronger security outcomes. Schedule an MDR for Microsoft Demo Today.

Deep Microsoft expertise and partnership

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner – Security
  • Advanced Specializations – Threat Protection, Cloud Security
  • Microsoft certifications
  • Microsoft security solutions partner
  • Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member
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Maximize Detection During Attack Stages

Comprehensive threat detection and response (TDR) across the cyber kill chain.

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Discover and secure endpoint and network devices across your multiplatform enterprise
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Protect your email and collaboration tools from advanced cyber threats, such as phishing and business email compromise
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity Manage and secure hybrid identities and simplify employee, partner and customer access
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Get visibility, control data, and detect cyber threats across cloud services and apps
  • Microsoft Sentinel Aggregate security data and correlate alerts across your digital estate

Ready to see what Armor can do for you?

Our Microsoft experienced cybersecurity and compliance experts are ready to understand your needs and walk you through our strategy and approach.

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