Armor Cloud for Azure

Harness the unparalleled flexibility of Azure alongside the proven capabilities of Armor.

Why Armor Cloud for Azure

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure with Armor Cloud.

Moving your company's sensitive data and workloads to the public cloud becomes a lot less worrisome when you protecting it with Armor Cloud for Azure. We've created this solution especially for use with Microsoft Azure, one of the world's most trusted cloud providers. For added protection, we back up Armor Cloud's capabilities with the expertise of our own security staff.

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Active Protection and Response

Armor's cloud solution delivers active protection and swift response capabilities for businesses. With features like a hardened OS, web application firewalls, and malware protection, it ensures robust security for servers, cloud workloads, and networks.

24x7 Armor Response Team

The 24x7 Armor Response Team (ART) is a pivotal element of our solution, ensuring continuous monitoring and rapid response to cyber threats. ART leverages the Armor Cloud's security features for vigilant threat detection and incident response.

Industry Leading Dwell Time

Our 24/7 threat detection, compliance controls, and a global support network allows us to deliver services with less than one day of dwell time on the average. Know that your organization is protected around the clock by leading technology and experts you can trust.

Simplified Compliance

Our solution simplifies compliance by aligning with regulations such as HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and GDPR. With built-in security controls and expert management by the GRC team, Armor reduces regulatory scope, streamlines audits, and lowers costs.

Cyber Insured

Armor Cloud for Azure offers peace of mind to businesses by providing cyber insurance coverage. With built-in security controls, 24/7 threat detection, and compliance features, Armor's platform ensures a robust defense against cyber threats.

Single SLA

You'll enjoy a streamlined experience through a single SLA (Service Level Agreement) covering a range of services. This consolidated approach ensures unified and efficient management, encompassing active protection, compliance controls, global support, and customizable solutions.

Discover Armor Cloud for Azure

Unlock the full potential of Azure with Armor's proven secure and compliant protection for your critical data and workloads.

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