Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Turn vulnerabilities into cyber resilience.

Why Armor VA/PT

Embracing your vulnerabilities is a step towards strength, especially in the digital world.

A thorough understanding of your systems and networks' vulnerabilities not only wards off potential threats but empowers you with the knowledge to stand strong against adversaries who might seek to exploit any security gaps.

Armor's Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services are designed to illuminate your security landscape, identifying the nature and location of vulnerabilities and guiding you on how to reinforce them against attacks. Through simulated attack scenarios, we highlight the resilience of your defenses and provide actionable insights to enhance your security posture.

Informed by Real‐World Insights

Leveraging years of SOC feedback to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Business Risk Perspective

Translating cybersecurity vulnerabilities into clear business risk implications for informed decision-making.

Actionable Intelligence

Providing not just data, but insights that guide effective risk remediation and security enhancement strategies.

Comprehensive Approach

From technical vulnerabilities to human factors and procedural gaps, our VAPT services examine all facets of your security posture.

Our practitioners have years of experience in Security Operations Centers. They know first-hand the dangers of letting your defenses down. Viewing your weaknesses through the lens of business risk, they'll give you the information you need to make wise, strategic choices to safeguard your organization now and in the long-term. And our VAPT experts will scrutinize your vulnerabilities through multiple lenses, examining technologies, human behaviors, and procedures to uncover every possible issue. Speak to a Risk Consultant Today

VA/PT Capabilities

Original practices based on comprehensive data.

By combining in-depth assessments with real-world attack simulations, our VAPT service provides a dual-layered strategy to not only identify weaknesses but also to test your defenses against sophisticated cyber threats. This ensures your security measures are both effective and resilient, safeguarding your organization against potential breaches.

Advanced Vulnerability Identification

Use SOC-informed insights to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities to the greatest effect

Realistic Penetration Testing

Simulate attacks based on the most common and damaging vectors in a variety of industries and sectors.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Evaluate your vulnerabilities within the context of your business risk, to help you prioritize

Clear Communication of Findings

Provide reports and briefings in a language non-technical people can understand, to help your C-suite and board engage in risk management discussions and decisions.

Knowledge Repository

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