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Cybersecurity Challenges

Stop Wasting Budget On Unnecessary Solutions

Most companies are constrained by their security budgets. Many companies already have investments in powerful security tools but waste money purchasing point solutions creating redundant spend. Are you one of them?

Many organizations invest in Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 subscriptions but often underutilize the powerful security tools included. The challenge lies in activating and optimizing these tools—Microsoft Defender Endpoint, Office 365, Cloud App Security, Identity and Sentinel—to their fullest potential. Armor's expertise in Microsoft Defender XDR (Extended Detection and Response) transforms your existing Microsoft investments into a formidable defense system, ensuring you're getting the most value out of every feature.

Implications of Underutilization:

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Increased Complexity and Costs

Multiple point solutions can lead to a costly and complex security environment, especially when existing Microsoft 365 E5 licenses are not fully leveraged, resulting in spending on unnecessary capabilities.

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Challenges in Responding to Advanced Threats and Compliance

A siloed approach from point solutions limits threat visibility and slows compliance responses, underscoring the need for an integrated security strategy that offers comprehensive visibility and swift action.

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Business and User Productivity Enablement

Restrictive security measures from traditional solutions can hinder employee collaboration and productivity, creating a need for security that supports, rather than impedes, business operations.

The Armor Approach

Strategic Activation of Your Existing Investment

Armor specializes in maximizing your Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 investments by activating and configuring the suite of Microsoft Defender XDR tools. By integrating these tools with your existing infrastructure, Armor not only simplifies your security landscape, thus also reducing your overall SIEM consumption, but also amplifies your defense capabilities against threats across endpoints, cloud applications, and infrastructure. Where available we'll also leverage the power of Microsoft's Funded Engagement Programs.

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Armor's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service deploys Microsoft Sentinel to analyze and correlate log sources in a cost-effective, cloud-native SIEM, with data ownership retained by the client. Armor's 24/7 SOC leverages Generative AI capabilities to reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), further minimizing the impact of incidents on organizational operations.

Armor amplifies your Microsoft investment and E5 licensing by integrating Microsoft Defender for a robust threat protection ecosystem. This strategic employment of Defender tools streamlines your security measures, minimizes expenses, and eliminates the need for redundant third-party solutions. Our seasoned SOC analysts and GRC staff enhance this approach, ensuring full utilization of Microsoft's suite to reinforce your security posture effectively and economically.

Armor's SOC maximizes your Microsoft investment by utilizing telemetry from enhanced Defender deployments, swiftly correlating data to expedite threat remediation. Our top-notch SOC analysts are set to further improve rapid remediation processes with the integration of Microsoft Copilot for Security, pushing efficiency to new heights.

Armor leverages Secure by Design principles and Microsoft's robust tools, such as Defender Vulnerability Management and Purview Insider Risk Management, to pinpoint and rectify common configuration errors that lead to 98% of ransomware attacks. Supported by our GRC experts, we focus on a proactive defense strategy—because avoiding breaches through vigilant configuration and risk management is the most cost-effective security measure.

Armor, by activating the Microsoft Defender tools included with Microsoft E5 licensing, selectively ingests logs with genuine security relevance, substantially reducing SIEM consumption costs. This targeted approach prevents SIEM cost overruns, ensuring organizations benefit from robust security without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Productivity Solutions

Unlocked Benefits of Enhanced Microsoft Utilization

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Improved Security Posture

By integrating Defender Solutions with Sentinel for threat protection, Purview for compliance and privacy, and Entra and Intune for identity protection, a 72% lower breach likelihood was achieved, translating into $5.2 million in value over the three-year study without impeding business user operations.

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Vendor Consolidation

Consolidating technology from point solutions including, SIEM, endpoint management, SSO, Compliance and Threat Detection Reduced consumption costs by 25%. Saving $2M over the lifespan of the study.

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Efficiency Gains for IT and Security Teams

By maximizing the utilization of Microsoft security solutions, security teams benefit from efficiencies in integration, management, and remediation, Increasing efficiencies by 50%. Avoiding the increase in security staffing by 50% translates to $2.6M in savings over three years.

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Enhanced End-User Productivity

Streamlining basic activities such as SSO, device onboarding, and broader organizational activities like collaboration, saved on average of 1 hour per week per user. Leading to improved outcomes valued at $17.9M over the life of the study.

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