Armor MDR

Fortifying enterprise cyber resiliency in the modern threat landscape.

Co-managed Risk

Adaptive defense against evolving threats.

Powered by expert security analysts and intelligent security analytics, the Armor Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is designed to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of attacks in the context of each enterprise's unique risk profile for optimal security outcomes and effective threat management.

MDR for Microsoft

Armor MDR enhances Microsoft Security solutions through continuous monitoring, proactive hunting of adversaries and rapid response to threats. Our team provides effective threat management and containment to significantly minimize business impact.

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Security Operations Center

Gain access to a full-fledged Security Operations Center without the added infrastructure costs and time investment. Armor SOC is a team of cybersecurity professionals — analysts, engineers, forensics experts, and support staff — that is always on your side. Our expert team provides incident response, investigation, threat hunting capabilities and guidance.

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Cybersecurity Challenges

Navigating modern security challenges requires more than tools.


Average weekly cyber attacks faced by organizations globally.

How Armor Helps


Threats remediated annually

By implementing holistic security analytics and ML/AI-powered detections.


Security tools managed by a typical organization.

How Armor Helps


Lower TCO

Through effective platform management and configurations.


Cybersecurity workforce gap worldwide.

How Armor Helps


Certifications held by our experts

Our 24x7 Armor SOC and Response Team provides the pros you need.

How it works

Cloud-native detection and response with the 
support of a 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts.


Cloud-Native SIEM

Armor deploys a cloud-native, fully-managed, petabyte-scale SIEM solution into your account(s) to detect and correlate security incidents from your event sources.

Cloud-Native XDR

Armor deploys a cloud-native, fully-managed XDR solution for visibility and protection across endpoints, identities, cloud apps, emails, collaboration tools and data.

Custom Log Sources

Armor ingests logs and event data from sources throughout your environment so that events can be analyzed and correlated. This includes native, out-of-the box connectors and the ability to build the required parsers and rules to support custom log sources.


Integrate your existing security tools or Armor can recommend new solutions to fill detection and protection gaps. Integrations can include ingesting logs and telemetry data from a system as well as integrating with a system's API to perform automated tasks.

SOAR Capabilities

Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) is an important part of how security operations can achieve scale. As patterns emerge in investigation and response procedures for alerts, tasks are automated to ensure your teams remain focused on work that matters.


Cloud-native detection and response capabilities are combined with Armor's 24/7 security operations center – our team of cybersecurity experts (analysts, engineers, forensics, and support staff) who provide incident response, investigation, threat hunting, and guidance services.


XDR Detection Diagram

Advanced Threat Detection

Adaptive cloud-scale SIEM integration leverages native services that give you real-time access to view and manage.

Visibility Across Cyberattack Chain

Gain deep visibility across the multi-cloud and multi-platform enterprise estate

Hybrid Log Source Support

Comprehensive log management coverage using a combination of native data connectors and the Armor Log Collector.


Automated SOAR Capabilities

Automated SOAR Capabilities

Automated incident response using a versatile, easy-to-use workflow engine with included notification and auto-remediation service hooks.

Automatic Disruption of Advanced Cyberattacks

AI-powered disruption to limit lateral movement early on to reduce the impact of an attack


XDR Respond Diagram

Always-On SOC

Our security operations center has a team of experts providing around-the-clock monitoring, investigation, and guided remediation.


XDR Protect Diagram

Fully Integrated Platform

Achieve more comprehensive security outcomes with out-of-the-box integrations across Armor's portfolio of security providers and solutions, all in a consolidated, single-pane view.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Armor security experts actively search for signs of compromise in your environment that may have evaded traditional security measures.

DevSecOps Ready

Integrate your DevSecOps workflows with real-time eventing and extended metadata APIs.

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