Secure My Linux Or Windows Servers

Fortifying Your Digital Strongholds

Cybersecurity Challenges

Fortifying both cloud-based and on-premises Linux and Windows servers, ensuring seamless security regardless of where your servers reside.

In the digital age, Linux and Windows servers are the backbone of enterprise operations, a treasure trove of critical data and applications. Yet, these digital bastions are under constant siege from sophisticated cyber threats. The quest to secure these servers, both physical and cloud-based, unveils a series of formidable challenges:

Navigating Hybrid SecurityIcon

Navigating Hybrid Security Needs

Balancing the security requirements of both on-premises and cloud-based servers without compromising on protection or performance.

Managing Alert Fatigue Icon

Managing Alert Fatigue

The overwhelming flood of security alerts, risking critical threats being lost in the noise.

Customizing Security Measures Icon

Customizing Security Measures

Tailoring security solutions to meet the unique demands of diverse server environments without overloading your team.


Tailored Security With Armor For Servers And Armor Cloud

Armor offers a dual approach to server security, providing robust protection tailored to your hosting preferences and management style:

Armor For Servers Icon
Armor Agent For Servers

For organizations that prefer to maintain their servers and management responsibilities, Armor Agent For Servers delivers a lightweight, yet comprehensive, security layer. This solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, providing advanced protection for workloads outside of Microsoft environments, including malware defense, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning.

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Armor Enterprise Cloud

For those looking to outsource a significant portion of their server risk, Armor Enterprise Cloud offers a secure, compliant, and performance-optimized hosting solution. It provides a complete suite of security features, including hardened operating systems, web application firewalls, and IP reputation management, all designed to minimize the management burden while maximizing security and compliance.

No matter how you choose to secure your digital assets, visibility and awareness should always be top of mind.

Security and Compliance Dashboards

  • Executive-Level Security & Risk Posture Understand your security and risk posture, top threats and alerts, and where to focus your attention and your organization's efforts.
  • Tactical Detail & Trends Your technical teams can drill into the tactical details and get highly-contextualized findings and actionable mitigations.
  • Custom Dashboards & Reporting All our included analytics packages are ready to support self-service reporting. Enterprises customers can leverage our team of experts to design and build dashboards and reports for your specific needs.
Photo of Security and Compliance Dashboards

Why partner with Armor for Linux and Windows server security?

Choosing Armor means embracing a future where server security is comprehensive, streamlined, and aligned with your business operations. Whether you opt for Armor For Servers or Armor Cloud... or both, our solutions ensure that your Linux and Windows servers are protected with the most advanced security measures, freeing you to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Elevate Your Server Security Strategy With Armor

Ready to redefine your approach to Linux and Windows server security?
Contact Armor today to explore how our dual fortress strategy can provide the comprehensive protection your servers need, ensuring they stand as unbreachable pillars of your digital operations.

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