Log & Data Management

Armor Anywhere is used to collect logs from the security capabilities within the agent as well as from cloud native and third-party log sources. Logs ingested and analyzed by Armor are made visible through the Armor Management Portal, Armor's Security Incident Connector, or via API.

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Armor Anywhere Agent

Armor collects event data from Armor Anywhere's integrated security capabilities such as from the intrusion detection/prevention system, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability scanning and malware protection.

Cloud Native Sources

Armor can ingest logs from services within AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. In AWS, Armor can ingest logs from AWS CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, AWS WAF, and Amazon GuardDuty. In Azure, Network Security Group and Application Gateway flow logs can be ingested.

Third-Party Sources

Armor can collect logs from third-party sources such as from virtualized appliances, network devices, firewalls, endpoint detection and response tools, switches and others.

How it Works

Armor can ingest logs from most sources. The logs are stored and can be correlated and analyzed against threat intelligence feeds from Armor and other third parties. Armor provides advanced log search and data visualization capabilities through the Armor Management Portal. The benefits of Armor’s log and data management add-on include:

  • Enhanced security posture through the analysis and correlation of log information with other Armor telemetry sources.
  • Greater context to aid in more effective detection, alerting and response.
  • Ability to meet compliance mandates through the storing of log data for up to 13 months.

Advanced Log Search and Data Visualization

Armor provides customers with a powerful log search and data visualization capabilities to analyze their log data. Users can create custom dashboards and visualizations that align with their business needs.

Simplify Adherence to Major Compliance Frameworks

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A Log By Itself Has No Value.

But when analyzed and correlated with other telemetry from your environment, a log has security and compliance value.

Learn how Armor’s powerful cloud security platform creates security and compliance value from your logs.

Your Window into the Cloud Security Platform – The Armor Management Portal

Simple to navigate and easy to use, The Armor Management Portal gives you:

  • Unified Visibility of Assets Across Your Environments
  • Deep Visibility into Integrated Tools, Detections and Response Guidance
  • Advanced Log Search and Data Visualization Capabilities

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