Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention

Armor’s host-based IDS/IPS monitors your traffic in and out of the host server or instance. All event data collected by host-based IDS/IPS is integrated with data collected by other security appliances monitored by Armor and correlated to identify and block suspicious patterns and behavior.

Block Intrusions at the Point of Attack

Armor’s enterprise-class host-based IDS/IPS performs traffic analysis to detect and block threats and alert on suspicious activity.

Defense in Depth for Your Cloud Workloads

Armor’s host-based IDS/IPS is one part of an integrated suite of security capabilities to provider powerful defense-in-depth protection for your workloads

Audit-Ready Compliance

Host-based IDS/IPS capabilities help you meet key controls for major compliance frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST and GDPR.

How it Works

With visibility to inbound and outbound activity at the host, Armor inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies – detecting and blocking attacks like generic SQL injections, generic XSS attacks, DoS, and generic web app effects.

The host-based IDS/IPS has two modes – Detection and Prevention – allowing operators such as DevOps practitioners and security analysts to select their preferred setting.

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