Experience in Cloud and Security

Preventing Data Breaches Takes Knowing how to Maximize Both

It’s not one or the other. To effectively protect against cyberthreats in cloud and hybrid environments, you must be deeply experienced in both cloud and security. At Armor, we’ve honed this dual-expertise over the past decade by building and maintaining our own secure cloud infrastructure and defending it with the best security professionals and processes.

By cutting our teeth in our own secure environment, we could extend that same level of security and control to other cloud environments—including hybrid and public clouds.

  • Industry-shaping cloud security: Founded in 2009, we pioneered secure cloud hosting for regulated and sensitive data 
  • Depth of experience: Over 1000 customers in 42 countries trust us to secure their critical data on a variety of clouds 
  • Compliance expertise: Our solutions were purpose-built to meet the requirements of compliance standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, PCI DSS, and GDPR. 

We were the first to effectively combine security and cloud best practices, giving us a level of insight and proficiency in security that no other cloud company can match. 

And, considering how long we’ve been defending cloud data with purpose-built solutions, as well as the immense depth of our security talent, we don’t expect them to catch up.

Managed Security

Proactive Cloud Defense Driven by Talented, Proven Security Experts

Even in a marketplace flooded with self-service tools, the human element matters – especially when it comes to security and compliance in the cloud. 

However, getting the right talent in place to help manage your cloud security is an investment in time and capital that few are built to support.

This is where Armor’s approach stands apart: providing 24/7/365 support and expertise from the industry’s deepest bench of proven, security talent. These cyber security badasses perfected their skills before joining Armor, giving them a level of proficiency that can’t be taught—it has to be earned. This truly differentiates them in a crowded field of so called “experts.”

  • Virtual CISO: Extend your cloud security roster with Armor’s proven security talent. We provide the expertise to provide hands-on support and guidance.
  • Certifiable cyber security experts: The individuals in our Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) and Security Operations Center (SOC) have a combined 60 cyber security certifications. 
  • Proven cloud security results: Our SOC managed more than 6,048 security incidents and analyzed more than 1.011 trillion logs last year. 

Armor becomes an extension of your security team—actively reducing your burden of security and compliance in the cloud.

Best-of-Breed Technology

Flexibility to Blend and Fully Leverage Proven and Emerging Technologies

Experienced, proven security talent matters when achieving true security in the cloud—so do the tools they use. This is an area that sets Armor apart from the rest: industry-defining services and a security stack comprising the best security technology available.

We maintain this standard by leveraging leading third-party technologies, including those from Trend Micro, IBM, and AWS and Azure native tools. Then we integrate and orchestrate them to deliver outcomes for clients.

In case we can’t find an available technology that fits our needs, we develop our own—the Armor platform, client portal, and a custom-built tool that collates information from multiple threat feeds. This gives us a unique mix of solutions, capable of handling any threat, no matter how sophisticated.

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The Total Economic Impact of Armor Solutions

Gain a detailed understanding of the costs and cloud security benefits of the Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere solutions with Forrester Research’s report.

Outcome-Driven and Transparent Services

It's not Enough to Just You're "Secure"

Armor brings security out of the black box with transparent and measurable security metrics so you know just how protected your data is.

  • Industry-leading dwell time: Shorter than any of our competitors by a factor of 100, our dwell time represents the miniscule amount of time between detection and removal of a threat actor from our clients’ instances.
  • Exceptional cloud data protection: We provide a protection rate of 99.999% across all client instances.
  • Transparent cloud security: Track the status of your Armor-protected data in the Armor client portal. This intuitive, single-pane-of-glass view delivers real-time insights into your security posture, including when patches are needed, malware events, OS logs and firewall rules.

No other cloud security provider makes life this hard for threat actors. Request a demo to see how you can put Armor’s unique approach to work for you.

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