Totally Secure

The Standard for Security in the Cloud

The cloud security industry needed a standard, so Armor, The First Totally Secure Cloud Company™, stepped up and delivered.  
Based on the six core principles we were founded on – aspects that only we can deliver – this new paradigm, Totally Secure, is a guiding light for organizations seeking the highest level of security and control for their vital cloud data.   
It draws a clear line between true cloud security, built and managed to withstand the constant onslaught of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and alternatives that are satisfied with simply checking off boxes.  
Learn what it means to be Totally Secure and why securing your cloud data with anything less puts you at risk. 


Totally Secure is the sum of its parts; six distinct and mandatory elements that security providers must fulfill to be the most successful in preventing data breaches. These elements encompass every aspect of a successful cloud security program, from the talented humans in our SOC monitoring for threats to the best-of-breed technology providing real-time analysis and control in the cloud. 

The elements of Totally Secure include: 

  • Experience in Cloud and Security 
  • Managed Security Services  
  • Proactive Threat Management 
  • Best-of-Breed Technologies 
  • Integrated and Automated 
  • Outcome-Driven and Transparent Processes 

These are elements only Armor is built to deliver. Read below for an in-depth overview of each element that makes us Totally Secure and why all six are essential for organizations in the cloud.  

Can you be Totally Secure?

Totally Secure isn’t a 100% guarantee that a breach will never occur; no one can promise that. Instead, Totally Secure defines the way Armor works to achieve the highest possible level of security and control for cloud data – allowing for immediate threat response and mitigation of threats as the first indication of compromise.

It’s a standard for data protection based on security technology and processes that goes beyond what cloud security industry and compliance agencies have established as best practices for cloud-hosted workloads and applications.

So, yes, it’s possible to be Totally Secure. And, we’re proof of it. What other security vendor even comes close to claiming that?

Our customers 

No one tells our story better than our customers. Learn about their success in defending against cyber threats with Armor.  See what Totally Secure looks like.



It’s not one of the other; to be Totally Secure, you must be experienced in both cloud and security. At Armor, we’ve honed this dual-expertise over the years by maintaining our own cloud infrastructure and defending it with the best security professionals and technologies.  

By cutting our teeth in our own secure environment, we could extend that same level of security and control to other cloud environments – including hybrid and public clouds. 

  • Industry-shaping cloud security: Founded in 2009, we pioneered secure cloud hosting for regulated and sensitive data 
  • Depth of experience: 1,200 customers in 42 countries trust us to secure their critical data on a variety of clouds 
  • Compliance expertise: Our solutions were purpose-built to meet the requirements of compliance standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, PCI DSS and GDPR.  

We were the first to effectively combine security and cloud best practices, giving us a level of insight and proficiency in security that no other cloud company can match.  

And, when you consider just how long we’ve been defending cloud data with purpose-built solutions as well as the immense depth of our security talent, we don’t expect them to catch up.   



Illustration of Managed Security Team

Even a marketplace flooded with self-serve tools, the human element matters – especially when it comes to security and compliance in the cloud.  

However, getting the right talent in place to help manage your cloud security is an investment in time and capital that few are built to support. 

This is where our Totally Secure approach stands apart: providing 24/7/365 support and expertise from the industry’s deepest bench of proven, security talent. These cyber security badasses perfected their skills before joining Armor – giving them a level of proficiency that can’t be taught, it has to be earned. This truly differentiates them in a crowded field of so called “experts.” 

  • Our CISO is your CISO: Extend your cloud security roster with proven security talent. We provide the expertise (from our security analysts up to our executives) to provide hands-on support and guidance. 
  • Certifiable cyber security badasses: The individuals in our security operations center (SecOps) have a combined 60 cyber security certifications. 
  • Proven cloud security results: Our SOC managed more than 4,800 security incidents and analyzed more than 771 billion logs in 2016. 

Everyone, from the threat analysts in our security operations center all the way up to our CISO, becomes an extension of your security team – actively reducing your burden of security and compliance in the cloud.  

Learn how we extend your team.



A Totally Secure cloud company doesn’t just wait for threat actors to strike – it proactively analyzes their tactics and predicts their next move.

To keep us ahead, our threat analysts actively aggregate data from more than 150 global sources and Dark Web monitoring – keeping us a step ahead of emerging threats. We leverage this rich intelligence feed to bolster our customers’ defenses against threats before they even make the news cycle.

  • Shellshock: ~14K attacks prevented in the first 24 hours thanks to advanced notification of ShellShock’s release.
  • WannaCry: Detected and defended against the WannaCry ransomware two months before its released. View our response package.

This is confidence we can back up, and a level of proficiency that we know frustrates our adversaries, and our competition. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sign up for the Armor Threat Intelligence Brief for monthly threat insights.

Image of Proactive Threat Management Screens



Image of Best in Breed Technologies Working Together

Experienced, proven security talent matters when achieving true security in the cloud, but so too do the tools they’re equipped with. This is what sets a Totally Secure cloud company apart from the rest: industry-defining services and a security stack comprised of the best security technology available.

We maintain this standard by leveraging leading third-party technologies, including those from Trend Micro, Qradar and native tools within AWS and Azure. Then we integrate and orchestrate them to deliver outcomes for customers.

And, on the off chance we’re unable to find an available technology that fits our needs, we develop our own like we did with the Armor Management Portal and a custom-built tool that collates information from multiple threat feeds. This gives us a unique mix of solutions, capable of handling any threat no matter how sophisticated.



A Totally Secure provider employs automation where it matters most – eliminating aside false positives to ensure focus on actual threats.

Our dynamic perimeter protection removes low-skilled threat actors from our environment, which allows our teams to focus on more difficult adversaries. It’s an element present in the security stacks across our entire product line.

  • Continuous refinement: Using learnings from attacks blocked by our security stack as well as intel of known bad actors, are systems are constantly updated to optimize protection. This endless cycle ensures that we reduce the chance of compromise while eliminating noise from innocuous or easily remediated security alerts.
  • Multi-layered security and control: Each layer of our security stack, from the IP reputation management solution (IPRM) to our host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), forms a resilient barrier against cyber threats. we leverage our Once installed, the Armor Agent connects your cloud environment with the analysts in our security operations center for 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

These aspects ensure performance and protection of critical data through automation and integration – all of which is powered by flexible solutions and supported by our security operations center (SOC).

Image of Integrated Automated



Image of Outcome Driven Results numbers

As a key component of being Totally Secure, we bring security out of the black box with measurable security metrics and transparent processes so you know just how protected your data are.

  • Industry-leading dwell time: Shorter than any of our competitors by a factor of 100, our dwell time represents the miniscule amount of time between detection and removal of a threat actor from our customer’s instances.
  • Exceptional cloud data protection: We provide a protection rate of 99.999% across all customer instances.
  • Transparent cloud security: Track the status of your Armor-protected data in the Armor Management Portal. This intuitive, single pane of glass view delivers real-time insights into your security posture, including when patches are needed, malware events, OS logs and firewall rules.

No other cloud security provider makes life this hard for threat actors. In fact, you should challenge your current or prospective security provider on that point by asking them, “Are you Totally Secure?