The Totally Secure Standard

There are few permanent fixtures in the world of managed security services in the cloud. As new technologies emerge, threat actors are never far behind with an exploit.  That’s why it’s essential you choose a security provider that is Totally Secure. It’s a standard for superior managed security services – and a title we don’t shy away from.  As the first Totally Secure cloud company™, we understand what it takes to prevent data breaches and keep you safe. Learn what it means to be Totally Secure and how we work to exemplify it in everything we do.


Totally Secure is the sum of its parts; six distinct and mandatory security elements that security providers must fulfill to be the most successful in preventing data breaches.

Use these elements when assessing cloud security providers:

  • Experience in Cloud and Security
  • Managed Security Services
  • Proactive Threat Management
  • Best-of-Breed Technologies
  • Integrated and Automated
  • Outcome-Driven and Transparent
Compliance Image showing Cyber Security in Multiple Industries



It’s not one or the other; to be Totally Secure, you have to be experienced in both cloud and security.

Founded in 2009, as FireHost, we built the first cloud designed with security in mind – and one that easily solved HIPAA and PCI data security challenges. Born secure, our cloud had security built in, not bolted on as an afterthought.

This design philosophy translates across our entire product line of managed security services.

This means that Armor customers are secure from day one – as soon as you’re onboarded and provisioned, your workloads are secure.

Unlike Armor, traditional IaaS providers only secure their cloud infrastructure. We not only do that, but we also protect your environment.

Managed Security Services

Reducing your security burden by extending your team

In a world of self-serve tools, the human element still matters – especially when it comes to cloud security.

The experts in our security operations center (SOC) act as an extension of your team with managed security services that monitor for and remediate threats to your cloud security.

With a clearly defined shared responsibility model, they help lessen your security and compliance burdens.

They detect and respond to threats around the clock, notifying you within 1 hour of detecting critical issues.

Along with our world-class SOC, we also extend your team with a dedicated service manager and 24/7 support available to you for day-to-day account management, troubleshooting and maintenance of your environment. This ensures reliable HIPAA and PCI data security.

Managed Security Services Illistration
Threat Intelligence, Automation, Security Operations with corresponding icons in grey, green and orange over each phrase

Proactive Threat Management

Knowing their next move before they do

A Totally Secure cloud company™ doesn’t just wait for threat actors to strike – it proactively analyzes their tactics and predicts their next move.

Keeping us a step ahead is data aggregated from 150-plus global sources and monitoring of the dark web for emerging threats.

This reconnaissance is fed into our security layers – enhancing our defenses and forcing threat actors to rethink their tactics.

So, how do you measure success for proactive defense? Easy. We set a high standard for ourselves by striving for a protection ratio in excess of three 9’s each month. That’s a ratio of total VMs under management to the total number of those that experience an infection or compromise

This is confidence we can back up, and something we know frustrates our adversaries – but that just makes it even more rewarding.



We build security into our solutions instead of adding it as an afterthought. This makes for more effective controls and quicker integration.

This flexibility starts with our security stack. Architected to drive threat actors out of the kill chain, it enables us to closely monitor both inbound and outbound traffic – enabling us to catch threat actors before they can even dream about exfiltrating your data.

From there, we further enhance our security posture by leveraging leading third-party technologies, including those from Trend Micro, Qradar and native tools within AWS and Azure. Then we integrate and orchestrate them to deliver outcomes for customers.

And, on the off chance we’re unable to find an available technology that fits our needs, we develop our own like we did with the Armor Management Portal and a custom-built tool that collates information from multiple threat feeds.

This gives us a unique mix of managed security solutions, capable of handling any threat and preventing data breaches



Integrated security technology solutions are the mechanism that allows our team to detect, respond and provide proactive controls to threats.

This applies automation where it matters most – enabling us to push aside false positives and maintain focus on actual threats to your environment. Our dynamic perimeter protection removes low-skilled threat actors from our environment, which allows our teams to focus on more difficult adversaries.

It’s an aspect present in the security stacks across our entire product line of managed security services. Each solution is aggregated and integrated to work together instead of being single point solutions.

All of this culminates in a cycle of continual improvement; systems optimized optimized by learnings that are fed back in to better tune our various tools.



We don’t just claim to be “secure,” we show it in how we work to prevent data breaches.

As a key component of being Totally Secure, we bring security out of the black box with measurable security metrics and compliance adherence so you know just how protected your data is.

In fact, it was the inspiration behind the creation of the Armor Management Portal. This intuitive, single pane of glass view delivers real-time insights into your security posture, including when patches are needed, malware events, OS logs and firewall rules.

Managed security services in the cloud don’t have to be dark and mysterious. Get the visibility you need with Armor.