Meet Armor's Cybersecurity Experts

The Armor Security Operations Center (SOC) was formed with a keen understanding of the strategies and tactics threat actors employ against organizations around the world. We didn’t just stand up a SOC. We stood up a collection of counterthreat experts working in unison to take on even the most advanced threat actors and make perpetrating cybercrime against our customers nearly impossible.

Our scalable approach to managed cloud security ensures that you’re always supported by proven security talent capable of mitigating any level of security incident. The certified security experts in our SOC push best-of-breed technologies beyond their limits–frustrating threat actors and keeping your critical data safe.

Security Operations Center in Action

Our Security Operations Center experts tirelessly monitor and protect your critical data workloads and applications, no matter where they’re located. When you partner with Armor, our security experts extend your security program through 24/7/365 monitoring and protection.

Learn how they work to form a protective barrier against threat actors and their attempts to compromise your organization.

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Why Use Armor

Check out why customers trust Armor for threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.

Get to Know the Team

Truly Talented Cloud Security

It’s not one or the other. To effectively protect against cyberthreats in cloud and hybrid environments, you must be deeply experienced in both cloud and security. At Armor, we’ve honed this dual-expertise over the past decade by building and maintaining our own secure cloud infrastructure and defending it with the best security professionals and processes.

By cutting our teeth in our own secure environment, we could extend that same level of security and control to other cloud environments—including hybrid and public clouds.

Armor Security Operations (SecOps) is staffed with experts in each of these areas:

  • Indications and Warnings (I&W)
  • Incident Response & Forensics (IRF)
  • Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM)
  • Threat Resistance Unit (TRU)
  • Friendly Network Forces (FNF)
  • Compliance Expertise

And, considering how long we’ve been defending cloud data with purpose-built solutions, as well as the immense depth of our security talent, we don’t expect them to catch up.

Security you can trust


Shorter Dwell Time than Industry Average


Protection Rate


Security Incidents Managed Yearly


In Payments Protected Yearly

Why Not DIY Security?

The Advantages of Managed Security

While fully managing your cloud data security has advantages, the costs, complexity and overabundance of security tools often outweigh the benefits.

Challenges include:

  • Hiring and retaining difficult-to-find security talent
  • Keeping pace with increasing security costs
  • Selecting the right tools to defend your data
  • Ensuring rapid incident response and management in the event of a data breach
  • Understanding and adhering to critical security controls necessary for compliance

Armor simplifies these challenges by extending your team through managed security services from our SOC.

So, while there are still aspects you’re ultimately responsible for when it comes to securing your data, we lessen that burden by providing expertise, guidance and assistance when navigating the intricacies of security and compliance in the cloud.

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The Complexities of the Secure DIY Cloud

Developing and maintaining a DIY cloud comes with mountain of cyber security complexities that can leave an organization vulnerable. Learn how to stay secure.

How Does Armor Help

Here are a few ways we help

Continuous Threat Hunting

Proactive, not Reactive. Unlike traditional security service providers, Armor Security Operations Center experts get in on the hunt. We perform continuous threat hunting to ferret out potential threats that might have gotten past our strong preventative and detective controls.


We perform continuous response – going above and beyond what traditional managed security providers do – to respond and eliminate threats aggressively, resulting in an average dwell time of less than 1 day compared to an industry average of 100+ days. Security is our business and we mean business.


We constantly enhance the protections our customers count on. Insights and intelligence gleaned from monitoring customer environments are continually adapted into countermeasures, further automation, orchestration and playbooks, enhancing the effectiveness of our Security Operations Center teams and our Spartan platform.


We consider it one of the most critical measures for assessing the success of any security program. Surprisingly, most security service providers steer well clear of talking about dwell time with their customers. We live by it. You should too.

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