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Many businesses have trouble keeping up with today’s dynamic cyberthreat landscape. As a result, security-as-a-service (SECaaS) providers have stepped in to help organizations protect their networks, cost-effectively and reliably. Instead of playing whack-a-hack by purchasing new tools and spending countless hours trying to hire and retain top talent, SECaaS gives you the freedom to focus on your business, while placing cybersecurity in expert hands.

Armor Anywhere not only provides cost savings around the tools necessary to secure your environment, but it places you under the protection of Armor’s security operations center (SOC) that keeps watch over your systems 24/7/365. Our SOC members have years of experience in cybersecurity, many trained and entrusted to protect government and civilian data and workloads. The Threat Resistance Unit (TRU), a part of the SOC, is our internal threat hunting team that seeks cyberthreats inside and out of Armor’s cloud infrastructure and its clients’ other IT environments. Armor provides world-class SECaaS for more than 1,000 organizations—from picking and deploying the right tools to incident response (IR) and remediation, Armor’s got your SECaaS covered.

What is Security-as-a-Service?

SECaaS is a business model in which a vendor (e.g., Armor) provides security services on a subscription basis. Many organizations choose “as-a-service” platforms because the cost of building their own infrastructure is prohibitive and the expertise needed to manage it is difficult to find, hard to keep, and expensive.

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Top Reasons to Choose Armor as your Security-as-a-Service

Not enough cybersecurity talent
51% The amount of organizations that face a
cybersecurity skills shortage, with demand projected to increase. — Palo
Alto Networks
Onerous alert management
2 Billion Total cloud-related events generated per month
by an average
enterprise — Sky
High Networks
Overwhelming number of security tools
75 The number of security products an average enterprise
uses to secure
their network. — CSO
Cheaper and more effective than DIY
286% ROI with payback in 4 months — Forrester

The Benefits of Armor

Opting for a SECaaS solution with Armor means organizations install the Armor Anywhere agent on their network to monitor the security of their infrastructure. Armor Anywhere works across architectures—public, private, or hybrid cloud, or on-premise IT environments—and can address any cybersecurity need. Save money and overcome staffing and skills gaps by outsourcing day-to-day security functions to a SECaaS provider.

Armor Anywhere’s SECaaS solution provides clients with:

Intrusion Detection

With visibility to inbound and outbound activity at the host, Armor inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies – detecting attacks like generic SQL injections, generic XSS attacks, DoS and generic web app effects. This service provides an agent-based Intrusion Detection System on the installed host for network traffic analysis and reporting based around policies defined by Armor.

File Integrity Monitoring

FIM is designed to monitor critical system file locations and alert you when your files have changed. It also monitors critical operating system (OS) files for changes that may allow threat actors to control your environment. FIM uses OS-specific policies and provides Armor with log visibility to assist in reviewing security events.

Vulnerability Scanning

Armor scans for potential points of risk to help reduce the surface area of attack. Weekly scheduled scans provide you a visible audit report to identify the vulnerabilities that attackers could use to penetrate your network, so you can develop your remediation plan.

Patch Monitoring

Patch Monitoring provides visibility into your environment to identify critical OS-level patches for resolution. Armor provides visibility into your environment running the Armor Anywhere agent, so you can ensure your OS is consistently up to date.

Malware Protection

Armor protects your environment from harmful malware and botnets deployed to capture your data, monitor your activity or leverage your servers for illicit activity. In the event an alert is created, Armor’s threat analysts begin an in-depth investigation. Armor uses an enterprise-class malware protection application and deploys the application agent within the Armor Anywhere agent.

Log Management

Log Management captures and documents, analyzes and reports on log events from firewalls, servers, OS logs, and other applications to determine their validity and severity. Customers can view 30 days of logs in AMP and store up to 13 months of log events consistent with applicable regulatory requirements.

Continuous Threat Hunting
Continuous Threat Hunting

Proactive hunting within our data lake identifies threat actor activity not alerted to by our SIEM leveraging the research and expertise of Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit team as well as threat intelligence derived from a variety of sources.

Dynamic Threat Blocking

Monitors public and deep and dark webs for threat activity against our Armor customer base using a mix of automation and targeted threat research.

Armor Security-as-a-Service: Just Say "Yes!"

Access to the latest tools, without having to worry about updates

WAF, FIM, IDS, malware protection, etc.

Top Security Talent Working on Your Behalf

On average, 22 years of IT experience and 12 years in security.

Efficient & effective

Save money with Armor’s $99 per workload rate. You’ll be an OpEx hero to your organization, helping achieve 286% ROI.

Fast turnup

Install all your security controls in one day.

Less management

Focus on what you do best, building applications to grow your business.

Armor Security-as-a-Service vs Traditional MSSP

Capabilities Armor Anywhere Traditional MSSP
Technology Cloud-delivered Agent/No Hardware Appliance/Hardware
Ease of implementation (DevOps-ready) <2 minutes Average 45 days
Protection, detection, and response 99.999% Threats Blocked, Response Included Alerting ONLY
Average time to detect & eliminate threats 1 Day 99 Days
Visibility & threat management environments (On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid) On-Premise Only
Audit-ready compliance (HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, GDPR) No
Consumption-based pricing Fixed, Contract
Patching Client Owns

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