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Armor Anywhere on Amazon Web Services

Confused on what shared responsibility means for you when moving to Amazon Web Services? This white paper is intended to help you make better-informed decisions about the security control options for AWS usage so you can choose the best combination of controls for your organization’s situation and needs.

Armor Automated Compliance – HIPAA

Armor has developed a cloud formation template to reliably and consistently spin up the basic client/server architecture necessary to run web applications in AWS in a way that is in-line and consistent with the HITRUST guidelines for implementing HIPAA in the cloud.

Certified AWS Security Competency Partner

Don’t let this burden of shared responsibility in the public cloud outweigh the flexibility and cost-savings benefits of AWS.

Streamline protection and control of your AWS-hosted data with Armor Anywhere, a 24/7/365 managed cloud security solution built to help shoulder the burden of AWS cloud security.

As a Certified AWS Security Competency Partner, we bring uncompromised cloud security to AWS data. This means AWS customers receive the highest possible level of security, compliance and transparency – including the ingestion of AWS CloudTrail – without the need for additional headcount or DIY security tools.

Maximize your public cloud investment with AWS cloud security Armor Anywhere.

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Armor is an AWS Advanced Security Partner

AWS Security Competency Status is only awarded to AWS Partner Network (APN) members that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. Only eight security providers, including Armor, have earned this certification.

Armor Anywhere on AWS

Armor Your AWS-hosted data

Armor Anywhere is a scalable, managed cloud security solution that integrates best-of-breed security technology – selected and managed by the experts in our SOC – directly on top of your AWS-hosted data.

Bringing security out of the black box, it provides real-time transparency and control with the Armor Management Portal (AMP), giving you a single-pane-of-glass view of your Armor-protected AWS data.

Armor Anywhere also simplifies AWS HIPAA and PCI compliance by passing on inherited compliance controls to Armor-protected data.

All of these capabilities are made possible by our approach – a level of AWS cloud security proficiency that only Armor is built to deliver.

Armor Anywhere Security Features

What is Shared Responsibility?

Isn’t AWS already secure?

It’s a common misconception that your cloud provider secures your data. While some providers offer security tools, the fact is, you’re responsible for everything operating on their cloud. For AWS, this means they manage security “OF the cloud,” while customers are responsible for security “IN the cloud.”

Understanding your responsibility in the cloud is critical to getting the most from your public cloud investment.

The graphic below outlines the responsibilities managed by AWS and the aspects that Armor helps you manage.