Workload Protection

Advanced Protection for Cloud Workloads

Armor's cloud workload protection is delivered through the Armor Anywhere agent. The agent is lightweight and can be deployed in private, public, and hybrid clouds as well as in on-premise environments.


Visibility and Scalability

Armor Anywhere integrated within our XDR+SOC offering provides advanced protection, visibility, and scalability for any organization. It is the perfect solution for companies who want an integrated toolset and simple deployment.

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Armor Anywhere for cloud Windows and Linux workloads integrates a suite of critical security capabilities including:

Malware Protection

Armor's malware protection safeguards your environment from harmful malware and botnets, including viruses, spyware, and rootkits. Malware protection performs real-time continuous scanning of your instances against the latest definitions, heuristics, and honeypot discoveries. Armor's definition database is sourced by internal, public, and private resources.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Examines critical system file locations on your hosts as well as critical OS files for changes that may allow threat actors to control your environment. FIM looks for: Changes to critical OS files and processes such as directories, registry keys, and values; changes to application files, rogue applications running on the host, unusual process and port activity, and system incompatibilities.

Host-Based Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

Installed on a host, IDS/IPS analyzes network or host traffic and identifies if that traffic matches signatures of known attacks. The host-based IDS/IPS has two modes – Detection and Prevention – allowing operators such as DevOps practitioners and security analysts to select their preferred setting. IDS/IPS events are analyzed and correlated with event data from your other devices with dashboard visibility.

Vulnerability and Policy Recommendation Scans

Armor's vulnerability scanning searches for application vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a threat actor and put your applications and data at risk. With policy recommendation scans, you can scan your hosts to identify vulnerabilities and the state of controls on the host. It scans the operating system, installed applications, Windows registry, open ports, directory listings, the file system, running processes and services, and users. The scans provide recommendations and can be set to automatically apply new rules and changes.

Network and system protections
only tell part of the story.

The new norm for modern cybersecurity threats involves compromising more than just a single machine, they include:

  • lateral movement between machines
  • cloud service exploits
  • advanced persistent threats that can go unnoticed

To deliver critical security outcomes, the Armor solution combines:

  • cloud-native detection and response capabilities
  • 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts
  • comprehensive AI-enabled threat hunting and alerting library

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What is XDR?

Armor's Extended Detection and Response
connects the logs and telemetry data from all of these sources
and correlates them, giving you a complete picture from
which you can identify threats.

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What is SOC?

Armor's expert Security Operations Center
adds a layer of cybersecurity expertise to respond to threats
quickly and thoroughly, and to inform and
guide remediation efforts.

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Simple pricing, simple deployment

Starting at $99 per agent monthly with volume discounting available.

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