Why Armor?

Why Armor?

With Armor, you'll get cloud-enabled security delivered in native ways that supercharge your security program and help you build critical IP around your risk and compliance posture.

Freedom & Flexibility

Free yourself from proprietary, provider-
specific tools and frameworks.

Armor believes customers want to and should own their data, security rules, and tuning – regardless of where you take your business. We pride ourselves on challenging the traditional "black box" MSSP model and expensive DIY approaches to security with solutions that are non-proprietary, comprehensive, scalable, and best of all – affordable.

Partnering to accelerate – not hinder – digital transformation

Digital transformation can be a daunting journey as organizations change underlying technology, data, processes, and culture. Armor's cloud-native solutions and services – combined with our team of cloud, security, and compliance experts – helps you navigate this journey. Armor is a trusted partner, here to do the heavy lifting for you whether it be through professional, white glove services, leveraging our cloud-native solutions, or both.

Prioritizing security outcomes over noise caused by alerts

We believe that customers want real, tangible security outcomes rather than incident alerting without resolution or context. Using open source, commercial, and proprietary threat intelligence, Armor enriches incoming data to enable smarter, faster determination of threat levels. When an issue is detected, you can rely on Armor's around-the-clock team of tenured security experts for notification, remediation, and advanced forensics.

Freedom from propriety tools and frameworks

Armor unlocks the constraints of traditional cybersecurity by leveraging cloud-native solutions and placing security IP back in the hands of its owners. Unlike most providers that keep your data hostage, Armor stores data in your cloud(s), giving you complete control and freedom of choice. You remain in control of your data processing logic, rule tuning, and automation work – forever.

Security and compliance together – yet not one in the same

Armor recognizes that "check the box" approaches to risk management and regulatory compliance do not translate to effective security. With solutions such as infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code modules, Armor makes achieving and attesting to compliance easily attainable. Benefit from outcomes such as risk-aware decision making, seamless integration into CI/CD pipelines, and streamlined compliance with inherited security controls.

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You're in control of your data.

Most providers keep your security data hostage in their proprietary platforms and that's not the case with Armor. Data is stored in your cloud(s), giving you complete control and freedom of choice.

All of the data processing logic, rule tuning, and automation work is yours to keep and its useful lifespan isn't tied to an enterprise license agreement.

Data Flow Diagram
Azure Data
Azure Data
Azure Data
AWS Data
AWS Data
GCP Data
GCP Data

Experience & Credentials

Our team of experts have delivered
critical security outcomes for over a century.

You can trust our team of highly-skilled, certified professionals to truly understand the current and future needs of your business and deliver a strategy and implementation that not only delivers unparalleled security but also supports and enables your business objectives.

Our team's cybersecurity and risk management expertise is backed by major industry authorities with our members holding certifications such as OSCP, OSWE, GXPN, CISSP, CCSP, CRISC, CGEIT, CISA, CDPSE, CCSFP, CBCP, CCSK, and more:

Customization & Scalability

Benefit from solutions customized for your
current and future needs.

Security that Evolves with You

Whether you're securing cutting-edge, cloud-native applications or an on-premise system passed down through the generations, Armor will work with you to understand your current and future needs and design a solution that maximizes your investment.

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Adaptive Growth

We work with customers of all sizes and security capabilities. Whether your security team has 100 people or zero, we'll customize a solution that capitalizes on your existing resources and adapts as your team and their capabilities grow.

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