Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning helps you navigate the complexities of compliance, bolster security, and reduce risk across any IT infrastructure environment and public cloud container registries. Developed and used by auditors, Armor Anywhere’s vulnerability scanning capability can help you achieve PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.

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Scheduled Vulnerability Scans

Scheduled scans help identify vulnerabilities in your environment and public cloud container registries.  See recommended patches available to address those vulnerabilities and track your progress towards overall environment health.

Vulnerabilities by CVSS and Criticality

Ranks vulnerabilities categorized by the CVSS methodology and criticality. Help your teams prioritize patching with Armor’s vulnerability reporting.

Detailed Synopsis of Vulnerabilities

Get detailed summaries of each vulnerability in your environment and public cloud container registries. See descriptions, related CVEs, information on affected instances, and solution/patching details.

Container Image Scans

Detect and remediate container image vulnerabilities early in the DevOps pipeline —before moving to production. Adopting a Secure Left™ approach for DevOps allows you to further strengthen your overall security posture.

How It Works

Armor Anywhere’s vulnerability scanning operates inside your organization’s firewalls and/or your public cloud container registries to identify real and potential vulnerabilities. It identifies which patches are relevant to that vulnerability and recommends patching actions Armor Anywhere’s vulnerability scanning allows you to filter scans by vulnerability, type, severity, and/or by container images.

Armor internal vulnerability scanning service:

  • Installs with the Armor agent or by API for pre-runtime container images
  • Performs scans on the installed asset and/or public cloud container registries
  • Reports vulnerability, patching, and compliance results
  • Presents scan results through the Armor Management Portal Access output and reports on the Armor security dashboard.

Access output and reports on the Armor security dashboard.

Vulnerablity Scanning for Container Images

In addition to scanning host information, Armor provides the ability for scanning public cloud container registries that are commonly used by organizations to accelerate the speed of DevOps. Assessing pre-runtime container images allows organizations to identify and correct possible issues—such as open API endpoints or misconfigured services—early in the development lifecycle that might otherwise lead to a breach.

Your Window into the Cloud Security Platform – The Armor Management Portal

Simple to navigate and easy to use, the Armor Management Portal gives you:

  • Unified Visibility of Assets Across Your Environments and public cloud container registries
  • Deep Visibility into Integrated Tools, Detections, and Response Guidance
  • Advanced Log Search and Data Visualization Capabilities

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