Secure SaaS Applications and Data

Securing New Applications and Data is Critical to Maintain Trust

Exposure of applications and data can undermine even the best coding work, erode good will in your solutions, and impact your company’s reputation.

Avoid “Accidental” Cyber Risk
Armor helps Development teams protect against ‘honest mistakes,’ misconfigurations and oversights that can expose their apps and data in the cloud.

Stop “Intentional” Cyber Threats
Armor protects your SaaS applications and data in the cloud from known and emerging malicious threats and the actors behind them.

Build Trust Through Broad Security Coverage
Armor solutions address the full spectrum of cyber risk of your cloud-based workloads, allowing your company to build and maintain trust with customers.

Security you can trust

Armor gives us a lot of visibility into our infrastructure and our technology and allows us to make our own decisions and repairs when necessary.

SaRA Health
Rapid Innovation

Focus on Code Development and Innovation

Keep the Focus on Rapid Innovation and Iteration

With today’s pace of innovation, development teams need to be able to focus on new code development and not be slowed by complex security and compliance requirements.

Speed and Ease of Deployment
Armor’s Armor Anywhere SECaaS solution reduces security complexity through rapid turn-up of protection for applications in minutes.

Integration Into the SDLC; Not a Bolt-On
Armor’s Armor Anywhere solution can be integrated into the SDLC for automated provisioning of protection.

24/7/365 Coverage
Ongoing security monitoring can take valuable time away from developers and DevOps. Armor provides fully managed and monitored SOC expertise 24/7/365 to offload this burden.

Secure how Developers use the Cloud to Prevent Configuration Issues

Address Security Issues Earlier with Automated Guiderails

In the daily course of coding, simple mistakes and configuration errors in the cloud can cause disruption for companies on a grand scale. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Spot Misconfigurations and Errors
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution continuously scans your cloud environment for mistakes that may put applications and data at risk.

Automate Adherence to Policies
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution acts as a continuous ‘checks and balances’ on adherence of your environment to IT Security Policy.

Address Potential Issues Earlier
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution helps Developers identify potential concerns earlier in their development efforts, nipping cyber risk in the bud.

Scale Configuration


"Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault." -Gartner

Continuous Compliance

Address Compliance Frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST and GDPR

Simplify Adherence to Major Compliance Frameworks

Coming up to speed on and managing compliance with frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST, GDPR and others at the expense of code development is a tradeoff Development and DevOps teams don’t have to make. Drive fast and efficient compliance outcomes through comprehensive and continuous compliance coverage.

Automate Compliance Checks
Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution continuously identifies and assesses the compliance controls and policies you have in place with Security Policy.

Put Key Compliance Controls in Place
Armor’s Armor Anywhere and Armor Complete solutions were created to simplify compliance for major compliance frameworks by addressing many of the key required controls for your cloud-based workloads.

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