Recommendation Scans

Recommendation scans look for potential vulnerabilities on your instances and validates that the latest rulesets are installed for Armor’s intrusion prevention and file Integrity monitoring.

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Scanning for Identification of Vulnerabilities on the Host

Recommendation scans identify vulnerabilities that may exist on your host instances.

Validation of Up-to-Date Rulesets

Recommendation scans assess whether Armor's intrusion prevention and file integrity monitoring are running the latest rulesets.

Schedule and Automatically Apply Rulesets 

Schedule recommendation scans and automatically apply the latest rulesets to Armor capabilities.

How It Works

Recommendation scans assesses your host operating system, installed applications, Windows registry, open ports, directory listings, the file system, running processes and services and users for potential vulnerabilities not addressed by your current security capability rules.

The scans can be scheduled to automatically apply new rulesets to the intrusion prevention or file integrity monitoring capabilities within the Armor agent.

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