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A Managed Security Solution for Any Cloud. Anywhere.

Armor Anywhere is a scalable managed security solution that protects virtual machine instances hosted on public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Installed at the OS level, Armor Anywhere is powered by best-of-breed technology and fully managed by our highly experienced security operations team (SOC). It provides real-time visibility into your security program and actionable threat intelligence.


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Installed at the OS level of your cloud hosting environment, Armor Anywhere helps manage the responsibility of defending your cloud data. The proven talent in our security operations center (SOC), monitor your environment for anomalous activity – enabling you to quickly respond to cyber threats.

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Our PCI DSS 3.2-certified solution makes passing an audit easier. We’ve mapped Armor Anywhere security controls to key PCI data security requirements and defined the responsibilities of each party.

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We monitor customer environments for anomalies 24/7/365 by inspecting inbound and outbound traffic and responding to potential points of compromise.

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Armor Anywhere is delivered through a light weight self-service package. Installing the Armor virtual machine agent is quick, easy, scalable and delivers our service directly to your cloud infrastructure of choice. Once installed, this managed security solution provides in-depth analysis of every event and action through a threat analytics platform. This feature provides actionable, validated security activity through our management portal directly to you.

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Clouds We Secure

In public clouds like Azure and AWS, you’re tasked with managing and securing your data workloads. Other environments require that you procure your own DIY toolset and hire your own security team. Whatever your cloud computing needs may be, our managed security solution, Armor Anywhere, was built to support all strategies.


One major component of Innovum’s security posture is Armor Anywhere. Innovum needs to provide the active, around-the-clock monitoring that is needed when storing sensitive personal data in a database, and needs to react quickly to any suspicious activity.

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Mark D. West, CEO, Innovum
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Armor Anywhere

Our security operations team defends your environment with a relentless focus on your hosts. These proven experts monitor inbound and outbound traffic, gather logs and monitor changes to critical files while providing you with patch notifications and threat intelligence updates. Security results and logs are fed back into our security stack, allowing for rapid threat identification and response.

For organizations with compliance requirements, this hands-on approach helps streamline audits and assessments – especially for HIPAA and PCI data security.

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Intrusion Detection

With visibility to inbound and outbound activity at the host, Armor inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies – protecting customers from generic SQL injections, generic XSS attacks, DoS and generic web app effects.

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Log & Event Management

Armor captures log events from the customers OS to proactively identify issues and enhance activity correlation. Search and view your logs for the past 90 days through the Armor Management Portal. All logs are retained by Armor for 13 months to satisfy compliance requirements. This helps with HIPAA and PCI data security.

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Malware Protection

Armor protects your environment from malware and viruses deployed to infect your data, monitor your activity or leverage your servers for illicit activity. Using an enterprise-class malware protection application, our security team regularly reviews scan results, remediates issues and utilizes activity logs from scans to provide security event correlation.

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Patch Monitoring

Consistent patching is a cornerstone of maintaining a strong security posture. Armor regularly scans your OS, identifies necessary patches, and provides a list of available patches to you so you can stay ahead of the threat. Easily see which instances need to be patched and whether a reboot is required via the Armor Management Portal (AMP).

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Vulnerability Scans

Scan your environment for points of risk to help minimize the surface area of a potential attack. Run internal scans weekly and receive their reports through the Armor Management Portal. Run external scans upon your request. Results for both internal and external scans will provide information on applicable vulnerabilities as well as any recommended remediation.

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OS File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor critical OS files for changes that may indicate threat actor activity in your environment. With constant changes and updates to your operating system, it can be easy to miss changes to files. By zeroing in on the changes that shouldn’t be occurring in your OS files, Armor makes it difficult for hackers to hide in your environment.


The Armor Management Portal (AMP) is a single-pane-of-glass view into your security program providing real-time visibility and management of your security controls.

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You’re Responsible. Let Us Help.

Public clouds like Azure and AWS are effective for raw infrastructure, but you’re still tasked with managing and securing your data workloads. Armor reduces the burden of these challenges for your organization by sharing both risk and responsibility. Purpose-built to achieve a secure and compliant posture for your data, Armor Anywhere makes it easy to balance security, cost-effectiveness and cloud agility.

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