Secure Applications

End-to-End Security Without Endless Headaches

Far too often dated security tools are an inhibitor to the DevOps model of rapid delivery of new applications at scale to meet new business opportunities. Armor brings security to help busy DevOps teams with better things to do.

Scalable and portable protection
Armor protects your workloads wherever they may be- in the public cloud, private clouds, virtual servers, and even containers.

Multi-layer protection.
Armor deploys a rich set of best-of-breed security capabilities to keep attackers at bay while you focus on continuous development.

Incident response
Alerting you to a problem is not enough. Our security operations center and engineers prioritize and respond to threats on your behalf so you can focus on what you’re good at.

Security Anywhere
Proactive Security

Speed Up Deployment

Rapid Application (and Compliance) Deployment

It’s not “if” hackers will try and access your data it’s “when”. A simple misconfiguration or improper settings can leave your company out of compliance or even susceptible to a breach. Armor provides automated security and compliance that continuously assess your environment for compliance violations or areas that leave you vulnerable to attack across the development lifecycle.

Avoid the accidental.
Armor’s automated security and compliance solution acts as a continuous ‘checks and balances’ on adherence of your environment to IT Security Policy.

Stop the intentional.
Armor Anywhere addresses key compliance controls associated with with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and prominent security frameworks.

Secure Code

Security at the Speed of Development

Outdated legacy security tools that that add friction and complexity to the development process only slow DevOps down. With Armor, integrate and automate processes that allow your team to provision and secure new instances in under 2 minutes.

Integration into your SDLC.
Armor’s solution can be integrated into your SDLC or automated provisioning of protection for new workloads.

Many capabilities, one vendor.
Reduce the complexities and time suck of managing multiple security tools, consoles, and vendor relationships. Armor’s security solution does it all.

Unified visibility.
Armor gives DevOps unified security and compliance visibility across workloads in any environment and cloud.

Deploy Security

Use Cases

Armor provides multi-layer defense-in-depth security for your containerized applications wherever they may reside.

Armor provides end-to-end security capabilities combined with 24/7/365 monitoring for your microservices deployments.

Armor provides unified security and compliance outcomes for cloud workloads:

  • Any environment (public, private, containers, virtualized servers, bare-metal)
  • Provides an onramp to support multi-cloud strategies
  • Allows for integration earlier in the DevOps cycle.
  • Provides the benefits of SECaaS delivery including speed and ease of turn-up, and consumption-based billing

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