Extended Detection and Response (XDR+SOC)

Managed detection and incident response

Continuously detect malicious behavior and let Armor's team of experts guide remediation.


Manage threats and reverse the
damage of exploited weaknesses.

Detect malicious behavior

Collect logs and telemetry across your enterprise and cloud environments and leverage Armor's robust threat-hunting and alerting library to detect threats.

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Prioritize applicable threats

Using open source, commercial, and proprietary threat intelligence, the Armor enriches incoming data to enable smarter, faster determinations of threat levels.

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Respond to threats

When threats are detected, alerts and incidents are created – you can rely on Armor's team of security experts around-the-clock to respond to threats.

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Save time with automation

Armor takes advantage of advanced AI and machine learning, as well as cloud-native automation engines to simplify all aspects of the security lifecycle.

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Network and system protections
only tell part of the story.

The new norm for modern cybersecurity threats involves compromising more than just a single machine, they include:

  • lateral movement between machines
  • cloud service exploits
  • advanced persistent threats that can go unnoticed

To deliver critical security outcomes, the Armor solution combines:

  • cloud-native detection and response capabilities
  • 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts
  • comprehensive AI-enabled threat hunting and alerting library
What is XDR?

Armor's Extended Detection and Response
connects the logs and telemetry data from all of these sources
and correlates them, giving you a complete picture from
which you can identify threats.

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What is SOC?

Armor's expert Security Operations Center
adds a layer of cybersecurity expertise to respond to threats
quickly and thoroughly, and to inform and
guide remediation efforts.

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How it works

Cloud-native detection and response with the
support of a 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts.

Cloud-Native SIEM

Armor deploys a cloud-native, fully-managed, petabyte-scale SIEM solution into your account(s) that detect and correlate security incidents from your event sources.

Custom Log Sources

Armor ingests logs and event data from sources throughout your environment so that events can be analyzed and correlated. This includes native, out-of-the box connectors and the ability to build the required parsers and rules to support custom log sources.


Integrate your existing security tools or Armor can recommend new solutions to fill detection and protection gaps. Integrations can include ingesting logs and telemetry data from a system as well as integrating with a system's API to perform automated tasks.

SOAR Capabilities

Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) is an important part of how security operations can achieve scale. As patterns emerge in investigation and response procedures for alerts, tasks are automated to ensure your teams remain focused on work that matters.


Cloud-native detection and response capabilities are combined with Armor's 24/7 security operations center – our team of cybersecurity experts (analysts, engineers, forensics, and support staff) who provide incident response, investigation, threat hunting, and guidance services.

Customer Cloud Environment

Advanced Threat Detection

Adaptive cloud-scale SIEM integration leverages native services that give you real-time access to view and manage.

Hybrid Log Source Support

Comprehensive log management coverage using a combination of native data connectors and the Armor Log Collector.

Automated SOAR Capabilities

Automated SOAR Capabilities

Automated incident response using a versatile, easy-to-use workflow engine with included notification and auto-remediation service hooks.

Always-On SOC

Always-On SOC

Our security operations center has a team of experts providing around-the-clock monitoring, investigation, and remediation.

Always-On SOC

Fully Integrated Platform

Achieve more comprehensive security outcomes with out-of-the-box integrations across Armor's portfolio of security providers and solutions, all in a consolidated, single-pane view.

DevSecOps Ready

Integrate your DevSecOps workflows with real-time eventing and extended metadata APIs.

Advanced Protection for Cloud Server Workloads

Our Armor Anywhere agent for cloud Windows and Linux server workloads integrates a suite of critical security capabilities. This includes malware protection, file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection/protection, host traffic monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. This is the perfect solution for companies who want an integrated toolset and simple deployment.

Armor Anywhere is integrated within our XDR+SOC offering with dashboard visibility. In addition, our XDR+SOC solution also works with many EDR vendors and other toolsets you might already own.

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Customer Testimonial

Armor does an excellent job of monitoring and responding to threats, and they have a dashboard where I can see all the necessary details myself.

Brenton McKinney VP of Security at Medecision


Plans & Pricing

Choose Your Plan


Out-of-the-box essentials


  • Armor Rule Library
  • Basic SOAR Integration
  • Basic Armor Dashboard Library
  • Open Source Feeds
  • Incident Notifications
  • Basic Managed Threat Hunting

Best Value


Our most popular plan

Basic plus:

  • Custom Rules with ML Tuning
  • Custom SOAR Integration
  • Advanced Armor Dashboard Library
  • Custom Managed Dashboards
  • Commercial Feeds
  • Incident Response
  • Custom Managed Threat Hunting


Customized and fully-managed

Professional plus:

  • Custom Rules plus Analyst Support
  • Fully-Managed SOAR Integration
  • Custom Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Forensics
  • Fully-Managed Threat Hunting

Consulting and Services

Armor experts can provide deeper cybersecurity insights and demonstrate tangible proof-of-value for leveraging Armor's XDR+SOC services compared to other models and approaches.

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Extended Detection and Response (XDR+SOC)


Own Your Platform

Flexible and Customizable

Only subscribe to features you need.

Zero Lock-In Guaranteed

If you cancel after your initial term, you'll lose Armor support and updates, but retain the XDR platform with all of the valuable historical data, tuning, playbooks and automation assets.

Futureproof DevOps Compatibility

Reference architecture and Terraform code included.