The Complexities of the Secure DIY Cloud

Maintain Optimal Security and Balance Costs in Your DIY Cloud.

Cloud computing is a valuable part of a modern organization’s IT environment, as it enables vastly faster action with a larger set of information. Some organization prefer to maintain complete control over their IT environments and turn to private cloud solutions that meet certain needs. An alternative is the do-it-yourself cloud where every function is built for the organization’s specific needs, creating considerable value that scales to their operations. However, a DIY cloud also introduces major implementation and security management challenges.

To get a DIY cloud started, an organization will first need to plan for all staff, processes and tools necessary for the environment’s integration, management and security. These three elements compose the most critical parts of operating a DIY cloud and failure to meet minimum requirements can lead to snowballing issues. In addition, the benchmark of an optimal cloud is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of IT. This can make DIY cloud security especially vulnerable as cyber threats and regulatory compliance rules are also evolving.

While managing a DIY cloud may seem daunting, the key to a successful DIY cloud is bringing on a managed service provider with deep knowledge of and experience with cloud security. Learn more about the DIY cloud and how managed services can help keep your information secure with our “The Complexities of the Secure DIY Cloud” paper.