Six Steps To A Better Security Strategy

An Information Security Strategy Without Action is Simply a Wish

The success of the CISO lives on the success of creating and maintaining an information security strategy. However, instead of addressing crucial business needs, some information security strategies are structured and treated as catalogs of individual work items that highlight already identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities. This approach to information security strategies may cause organizations to fail when developing a compelling case and ultimately undermine the credibility of the CISO.

A successful information security strategy has a clear business alignment that enables the organization to prioritize security. In most situations, security is treated as “insurance,” where a return on investment isn’t realized until after a threat is disabled. Security leaders inherently struggle to gain attention from their corporate decision makers – until something goes wrong.

To win the internal support, the CISO must demonstrate the business need for their information security strategy by explaining how their strategy supports a business technology agenda. This allows the organization to effectively compete and grow. Learn how by reading our paper on “Six Steps to A Better Security Strategy.”