Are you a security-first organization?

Avoiding compliance penalties bring more risks than you’d think.

Organizations invest a great amount of resources to meet industry and government regulations that will help them spot the gaps in their data security. Yet, some organizations still fall to data breach, despite meeting all industry and government compliance checks. When this happens, it’s likely that the organization was more focused on avoiding penalties and being “compliance first” than on developing strong cyber security.

Unfortunately, some organizations misunderstand the purpose of these regulations and interpret them as a checklist with step-by-step directions for a solid security posture. But this is the reverse approach that organizations looking to secure their IT and data systems should be taking. Regulations are not intended to tell organizations how to structure their cyber security efforts. They are intended to be used as a guide to meet the bare minimum requirements needed to settle a foundation for optimal cyber security.

Focusing on avoiding penalties leads to a cyber security structure that places compliance first, leading to vulnerabilities and risks. Instead, organizations should take a “security first” approach, in which all the necessary supports are invested into optimal security with regulatory compliance as the foundation. Learn more about going “security first” by reading our “Are you a security-first organization?” paper and learn to avoid common security mistakes.