HIPAA Compliance & Risk Management

A Proactive Approach to HIPAA Compliance and Data Security

Healthcare IT departments are under pressure from the constant challenge of balancing their security responsibilities and HIPAA compliance in a changing digital environment. As cyberattacks grow more malicious and opportunistic, so too do the stakes of staying idle. This means staying current on the latest HIPAA regulation mandates to prevent infrastructure vulnerabilities, while at the same time maintaining firewalls, malware detectors and using encryption methodologies. IT departments that fail to maintain their systems open themselves to a higher potential for data breach, and it’s no longer a question of “if” but of “when”.

Developing a proactive HIPAA compliance and IT security strategy starts with knowing the key elements of HIPAA compliance, foreseeing potential cyber threats and formulating defense policies that protect data while adapting to regulation changes. Effectively protecting the health information of patients from all reasonably identified threats starts at with a risk assessment. This enables your IT security department to take a multifaceted and proactive approach to developing an environment that makes security a priority in the context of HIPAA compliance. Start fortifying your healthcare IT security with our “HIPAA compliance & risk” paper and learn more about how to effectively use HIPAA to maximize security.