Building a Security and Compliance Strategy for the Cloud

Stay ahead of cyber threats by operationalizing your cloud compliance.

Cloud compliance is a journey, not a destination. Not only must an organization develop strategies that ensure secure, compliant functioning controls outside of an audit, they must continually refine other functions like optimal security reporting and threat protection. Disciplining your organization to this workflow will significantly streamline future audits while also significantly reducing the threat of a cyber security breach.

One of the major challenges that organizations have when developing a cloud compliance strategy is maintaining momentum. When a cyber security threat is defined, some organizations invest all their resources and focus to preventing a breach from this specific threat. While this can prove to be effective in preventing a breach, the result is an ad-hoc strategy that is rife with vulnerabilities from the ever-evolving unidentified threats looming around the corner.

Every cloud compliance journey is unique and a “one strategy fits all” method does not exist – which is why a fine-tuning of best practices for most all cloud environments is a most effective approach to compliance strategy. In our “Building a Security and Compliance Strategy for the Cloud” white paper, we outline an approachable framework in five steps for embracing the cloud through security-focused activities. Following this framework will help your organization reinforce cloud compliance efforts while improving cyber security best practice.