How to Become HITRUST CSF-Certified

HITRUST Certification makes HIPAA Compliance simple.

The internet has brought many exciting changes to the healthcare industry like the speed and connectivity of electronic health records (EHR). At the same time, there is now an ocean of valuable data with which hackers are sharpening their techniques. In other industries like finance and retail, sensitive information has a limited life span. Breaches are caught quickly, either by the customer, institution or business – rendering the stolen information worthless. The health industry doesn’t have this grace as most information can sit longer, and the harm done is far more severe.

Most data breaches happen in the supply chain. This type of breach is difficult to evaluate as healthcare organizations can have many associates and vendors, each with a different set of security tools and processes in place. Adding to the challenge are regulations like HIPAA where requirements are vague.

To simplify the security challenges that health organizations face, the Health Information Alliance collaborated with healthcare and information security leaders to develop the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CFW) – a framework that scales to the organization’s needs. By being HITRUST CSF certified, organizations can better manage their assessments and consolidate evidence collection. Learn more about the HITRUST certification goals and requirements by reading our “How to become HITRUST CFS-certified” paper.