Armor Anywhere on Amazon Web Services

Know Your Security Options with the AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud offerings, enabling organizations to quickly launch a new website or application with resources that scale to change. However, it’s important to understand that AWS is only responsible by default for the security of its cloud infrastructure. All other layers of responsibility are upon the user to develop and maintain. AWS goes through great efforts to make customers aware of their responsibilities through the AWS Shared Responsibility Model – a model that offers complete transparency into which responsibilities are taken care of by AWS security and which are to be handled by the customer.

The AWS Share Responsibility Model places responsibility of selecting and acquiring all the security controls for their operating systems, applications and data residing on top of the AWS infrastructure and networks on the customer. Many of these controls can be gained through a combination of AWS, third parties and by the customer’s in-house IT department. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities can leave the organization vulnerable to data breaches and other compromises. Start making better-informed decisions about the security control options for your AWS usage so that you can choose the best combination of controls for your organization’s needs with our “Armor Anywhere on Amazon Web Services” paper.