Simplifying Shared Responsibility on Microsoft Azure

Move to Azure with Support from the Leading Cyber Security Experts

Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is highly sought after by organizations for its incredible flexibility and scalability. Azure can immediately leverage resources to increase or decrease their processing, storage and networking at any time with impeccable service. While Azure goes through great lengths to provide their customers with the tools and resources they need for a high-quality cloud hosting experience, there are always security concerns with moving to Azure.

There are two concerns unique to cloud computing that an organization has when moving to the cloud: their data and software are hosted on a shared infrastructure and they must give up a degree of control. Microsoft Azure’s philosophy is that in an IaaS environment, security responsibilities must be shared between Azure and the organization. Specifically, Azure is responsible for the security controls that are part of its IaaS infrastructure, while the organization is responsible for all other security controls like user access and application security.

Luckily, organizations don’t have to handle their security controls alone. Armor Anywhere is designed to relieve an organization’s Azure security worries to Armor’s industry leading security controls and cyber security experts. Read “Simplifying Shared Responsibility on Microsoft Azure” paper and learn how Armor, Azure and your organization can work together to ensure that your data, applications and operating systems are securely deployed and maintained in Azure’s IaaS environment.