A Cloud for Every Workload

Reimagining Multi-Cloud Strategies through Persistent Data Classification

The cloud – whether public, private, hybrid or a combination of all three –   has changed the way organizations approach information technology security with a myriad of flexible strategies that fit specific needs. However, many multi-cloud strategies are ad hoc and fall short of meeting the complete security needs of their organization.

To effectively optimize multi-cloud use, an organization must develop and implement strategies that work for each data set and application. The security offered by one cloud may be sufficient for one data set, but ineffective or wasteful for another. Not only does developing and implementing strategies for each data set and application maximize the value of the investment, it also necessary to effectively secure the integrity and availability of the organization’s data.

There are several key factors to consider when determining which cloud an organization should use for deploying a data set and application. Three of which must be considered together for optimal security and investment – security, cost, and performance. When these three are considered in an organization’s multi-cloud strategy, the optimal level of security and requirements are met for a long-term performance. Learn more about the key factors to an effective multi-cloud strategy in our “A cloud for every workload” paper.