The Intel Intervention: Unlock the Three Critical Metrics for Measuring Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Know where your cyber threats are with these 3 cybersecurity metrics.

Your organization’s cybersecurity plan is only as effective as the metrics measuring its ability to stop a threat. The sophistication and frequency of attacks have increased significantly in recent years, making even the smallest oversight a prime target. If you don’t know where the cyber threat is coming from or how far they’ve penetrated, then how will your organization understand its plan’s success?

Defining and measuring security metrics enables an organization to understand their cyber risk, measure their cybersecurity effectiveness and optimize their resources. If you measure too many cybersecurity metrics at once, you’re exhausting your money, tools and talent. When you don’t measure enough, you leave your team and data vulnerable to attack. Finding the metrics that most effectively describes your cybersecurity posture against its environment is crucial to gaining the most security for your investment.

Watch our “Intel Intervention” webinar and learn about three critical metrics for measuring your organization’s cybersecurity effectiveness. The webinar will detail key signs that your organization isn’t measuring its security effectiveness properly and offer three distinct metrics that are field proven to help properly measure your security strategy.

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