Shiny Object Syndrome

We’ve all invested in the latest and greatest technology: machine learning this, data mining that… yet the bad guys are still stealing your data or even holding it hostage. Where are we failing?

Security often suffers from Shiny Object Syndrome—S.O.S. Everyone is writing about the next big security “thing,” which makes it easy to turn away from the fundamental best practices of information security. However, getting back to the basics is truly our best hope for thwarting threat actors.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The business conditions that are catalysts for S.O.S
  • How basic human error remains the fundamental vulnerability in your environment
  • The basic principles of information security that are often neglected at the expense of the latest gadget
  • How to educate your company leadership on making the right—not the flashiest—investment in security

After this webinar, you will be prepared to cure your company from S.O.S. and focus on the processes that are your best bet for staying safe in any environment.

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