Security: Missing Ingredient for Azure Managed Service Providers

Bridging the gap between optimal cyber security and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure offer a great customer onboarding service with tools and support that help accelerate adoption. However, they’re missing one critical ingredient that can make-or-break the strategic advantage of moving to the public cloud – cyber security. In Microsoft Azure’s Shared Responsibility model, the customer is left with large majority of compliance and security responsibility for their data. This can make missing the necessary cyber security measures in a public cloud space can be disastrous.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving their strategies to find and breach vulnerable organizations. Adding more pressure to the security landscape is the shortage of talented IT security teams with experience in developing sustainable and effective policies, analysis and response. This can make hiring and training a cyber security team expensive with few guarantees of success.

In response to the growth of cyber threats, Armor’s Armor Anywhere program combines a 24/7 security operations center with a full-suite of leading cyber security tools to help organizations protect their data. Learn more about cyber security with Armor Anywhere in Microsoft Azure’s public cloud with our, “Missing Ingredient for Azure Managed Service Providers’ webinar.

Cybercriminals are targeting the online #payroll accounts of employees in a variety of industries to include #education, #healthcare and commercial airway transportation. These attacks use #phishing emails to steal employee login credentials.

In many ways, patch management is like going around your house before bedtime, making sure all doors and windows are locked. You’re looking for vulnerabilities that allow adversaries into your system. Learn more about patch management in our latest #blog:

It is no secret criminals follow the money. During the past several months, that adage has taken a very literal turn, as a series of cyberattacks targeting payroll departments and payroll services has transpired. Learn more:

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