Planning for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In the current world laden with threat actors profiting from breaches, ransomware payouts and members of the public employing cybercrime-as-a-service, the need for data recovery in an automated, reliable and timely manner is critical for an organization’s business continuity. It is no longer an issue of IF you need a business continuity/disaster recovery plan but a matter of WHEN you will deploy one. Through data, trends and astonishing real-world stories, this 30-minute webinar covers:

  • The business objective for recovery time and the cost of downtime
  • What constitutes a disaster and how to plan for it
  • Common myths of disaster recovery and performance under pressure
  • Best practices on implementing disaster recovery plans

With Armor and RedLock, companies can maintain granular visibility and control over all their cloud resources, wherever they reside.

Is you company considering a move to the cloud? It’s important to migrate to the cloud #securely to reap the benefits it has to offer. In this #blog, we talk about one strategy for migrating to the #cloud.

Cybersecurity challenges do not present themselves only within standard office hours. And so, neither should the career development opportunities.

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