Overcoming WannaCry

A critical breakdown of WannaCry’s innerworkings.

WannaCry was a new strand of ransomware that targeted all Microsoft OSs with a payload affecting 230,000 computers in 124 countries. Nearly half a million systems, across many industries, were vulnerable to the attack. The exploits and attack were sent by an identified group called “the Shadow Brokers”, who had been planning their move in advance to reach critical scale.

Many ransomware attacks like WannaCry follow a predictable kill chain pattern when conducting an attack. The WannaCry ransomware attack specifically researched and found vulnerabilities in 500,000 machines. Working in conjunction with tools produced by the “Shadow Brokers”, the WannaCry took advantage of exploits and led its infection laterally across open ports.

This type of attack is highly difficult to trace and predict, meaning that only those organizations whose cyber security was prepared proactively were properly protected against the WannaCry attack. Get an in-depth analysis of the innerworkings of WannaCry and learn how to protect yourself from largescale cyberattacks with our, “Overcoming WannaCry” webinar.