Naked Data: How Human Error Impacts Your Cloud Security

According to Gartner, by 2020, 95% of cloud security issues will be the result of misconfiguration. The cloud represents a fundamentally different approach to computing, and many IT staff lack cloud security expertise to ensure their new infrastructures are properly protected. Join us in this webinar as our experts explore our Naked Data whitepaper and discuss:

  • Common data exposures in the cloud due to misconfigurations
  • How companies can use cloud security posture management (CSPM) to address these challenges
  • Why stopping both the accidental and intentional threats to your cloud environment will be imperative for businesses

About the Presenter

Sam Coronado, Solutions Consultant, Armor Sam Coronado is a Solutions Consultant at Armor and is the spearhead of Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance – Prisma solution. He is enthusiastic about architecting and deploying secure workloads in AWS and Azure. Before joining Armor, Sam worked at the University of North Texas System, developing enrollment software and integrating DevOps methodologies into the organization’s application deployment and monitoring processes. Sam’s background in development, DevOps and cloud technologies enable him to ease the pain points that businesses face on their journey to the cloud.

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I am so honored to have been featured in this article from Cybercrime Magazine. Thank you @difreeze for a wonderful piece!!

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Large firms have made strides in cybersecurity, but smaller companies could use a hand: 52% of SMBs say they don't have an in-house IT security pro; 29% spend <$1,000 on security each year. Why SMBs are becoming hacker targets, and how they can stay safe:

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