Indivisible: How Security & Compliance Protect Healthcare’s Data-Rich Ecosystem

Get a handle on cyber security for healthcare organizations and wearables.

The latest trends in healthcare services point towards a greater adoption of out-patient personal care with wearable and application technologies. These trends have been a phenomenal development in healthcare as medical professionals can more accurately manage a patient’s health in real-time over a larger set of data. These technological leaps are pushing forward an outcome-focused healthcare system where medical professional can proactively respond to issues, before they can become an emergency. While the connectivity trends in healthcare are leading to a more proactive treatment, this has also lead to a burst of cyber security vulnerabilities.

Research by HITRUST shows an alarming trend of growing volumes open data and a lack of effective cyber security measures. The healthcare industry is largely reactive whereas regulation and third-party risks are a constantly moving target. This has created a lack of consistency in cyber security within the healthcare industry and effective cloud security providers. Learn more about the next generation of healthcare technologies, common cyber security and compliance challenges with our “How Security & Compliance Protect Healthcare’s Data Rich Ecosystem” webinar.