What happens when disaster strikes?

This webinar discusses security and disaster recovery best practices that ensure your business goes on after disaster hits. Watch our webinar, where we discuss:

  • Understanding the leading causes of downtime and their effects.
  • How to define best practices for robust Disaster Recovery
  • How Armor’s solution limits down time, decreases recovery time and reduces associated costs

Did your boss just ask about migrating to the cloud in the staff meeting? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers. Download our How To Guide on secure cloud migration. https://t.co/nAiYGTEanb

I am so honored to have been featured in this article from Cybercrime Magazine. Thank you @difreeze for a wonderful piece!!

#cdwsocial @CDWCorp @WoSECtweets @womenknowcyber @WiCySorg @WomeninTechChat #hacking #infosec #womeninsecurity https://t.co/7Wy6Hejbg7

Large firms have made strides in cybersecurity, but smaller companies could use a hand: 52% of SMBs say they don't have an in-house IT security pro; 29% spend <$1,000 on security each year. Why SMBs are becoming hacker targets, and how they can stay safe: https://t.co/Htwnek4UhG

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