Is Your Enterprise Data Secure – From the Inside Out?

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Security shouldn’t start on the outside. Most security strategies attempt to detect and stop the threat actors at the edge and provide limited security between VLANs and limited hardening and detection capabilities on the host itself – two points the threat actors are targeting. Defending the end points is a losing battle. Organizations need to focus on deploying multiple security layers from the inside out and leveraging big data analytics to detect at the host level.

Join Jeff Schilling, Armor Chief of Operations and Security, and Curtis Franklin, InformationWeek Executive Editor for Technical Content on this webinar on demand to discover:

  • How battlefield lessons can be applied to cybersecurity layers
  • Why big data is both your friend and foe
  • How to laser in your defense and detection efforts on the data threat actors care about
  • The four steps to implement inside-out security

If you want to leverage the advantages of cloud-native services such as serverless functions, containers, managed database, and PaaS services, and are moving your own application to be SaaS-based, re-architecting is likely a good option for you. #blog

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