Cloud Security Roadmap: Mitigating Risks and Building for Long-Term Success

Building a cloud security strategy for success.

When it comes to protecting data and mitigating risks, organizations are stacked with new challenges in defining its cyber security perimeter. Simply keeping data in-house is no longer enough. The use of multiple clouds is becoming commonplace in business IT as organizations integrate public, private, hybrid, and cloud-enabled applications into their operations and products. The responsibilities concerning cyber security have shifted from a Director/CIO IT problem to a CEO problem with data protection turning into a key concern for stakeholders and customers. A data breach will not only impact your business process, but stakeholder benefits and customers’ private information are in put in jeopardy.

Modern businesses are no longer asking themselves, “should we move to the cloud?” but “how should we move to the cloud?” Moving to the cloud presents some major challenges that can impede effective cyber threat mitigation and long-term success. Organizations cannot build an effective cloud security program without their stakeholder’s involvement. To be able to work with your stakeholders, it’s best to outline responsibilities and controls. You must also identify your perimeters. When you define your strategy, you better manage risk reduction, reduce attack surface areas, disrupt the threat actor’s processes. Learn more about building a comprehensive cloud security strategy with our “Cloud Security Roadmap: Mitigating Risks and Building for Long-Term Success” webinar, co-hosted by Armor and Forrester Research.

The financial industry just finished its 5th annual cyber doomsday exercise. This year they focused on a fictional widespread ransomware attack. A great article at @cnbc #cybersecurity #cloudsecurity @KateFazzini

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Move over Windows, Paypal the new #1 target for cybercriminals. When is the last time you updated your Paypal password? #cybercrime #cybersecurity #cloudsecurity

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