Building a Secure Partner Relationship with Armor

Make powerful cyber security allies for powerful results.

Modern organizations are faced with the dilemma of building and maintaining their cyber security against growing hidden cyber security threats in the middle of a talent shortage. Adding to the challenge is a tall list of demands to reach optimal cyber security. Cyber threats are constantly changing their positions and looking for the best opportunities to strike and government regulations can be vague. If an organization is looking to expand their IT teams, they must recruit, train, and retain their cyber security teams against competitive offers from other organizations.

For most organizations, bringing in new talent and cyber security technologies is a massive undertaking. Luckily, integrated intelligence, proactive defense and control is what the Armor Global Partner Program does best. Armor services over 1,200 customers, spanning several digitally complex industries like healthcare, financial services, and information security. Learn more about Armor and the Armor Global Partner Program with our, “Armor 2016 Partner Programs” webinar.

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Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 29th at 1 p.m. EST/ 12 p.m. CST for our webinar on the Evolution of Hackers. VP of Security, Raf Los, and Sr Writer & Researcher, Mike Mayes, will discuss the evolution in defender strategies.

A hacker has released the Telenet credentials of over 515,000 computer devices. He claims to have obtained the credentials by scanning the internet for exposed ports. @zdnet @campuscodi #cybersecurity #iot #cloudsecurity

Malicious executable with a deceptive code signing certificate makes the malware look like a normal program produced and signed by a legitimate software company.

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